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Between visiting my parents last weekend and spending this past one in northern Michigan with Adam, it feels like I’ve spent most of the last two weeks in the car!  But the travel is always worth it, of course, and now I’m back in my lair catching up with Bobbin, who held down the fort in Columbus.

bobbin cat

I took Friday off so I could work out in the morning (I completed all the workouts I laid out in last weekend’s recap except the 6am spinning class – surprise, surprise), grab Adam at DTW, and drive straight up to Petoskey.  We met his parents, sister, and brother-in-law for dinner at the Red Mesa Grill in Boyne City when they arrived, where I ate many chips with salsa and took zero quality photos.

The next morning, we got up (relatively) early and went shooting at the Charlevoix Rod & Gun Club.

charlevoix shooting 1



charlevoix shooting 2

Me, dressed inappropriately for the weather as always

I have now shot clays at two separate courses with the Gaglio family without hitting a single one.  However, the highlight of my boyfriend’s day was probably when the empty shells popped out of his rifle and flew toward me as he went to reload at our first station.  For a fraction of a second my body thought I was getting shot.  I squeaked and started to dive out of the way before my brain caught up and realized the small forest-green objects floating my way were actually hollow tubes of lightweight plastic.  Not bullets.

That afternoon, we went to lunch at the Mitchell Street Pub in downtown Petoskey and then walked to the hardware store across the street so Adam’s parents could pick up something they needed.  I found this great coffee travel mug while browsing the aisles!  It’s a French press to-go.  I’ve been using a French press instead of a drip coffee maker for a while since paper filters absorb the oils that give coffee its flavor, and now I won’t have to transfer my morning java from my press to a separate container anymore.  Exciting times, you guys.

french press to go

The inaugural use this morning

Adam’s mom cooked the most delicious meal ever Saturday evening, since it was his dad’s birthday.  I drank a few vodka sodas, ate multiple servings of homemade gnocchi, and was all-around happy as a clam.

birthday dinner

On Sunday I had planned to wake up early and snowboard at Boyne Mountain for a couple hours before we had to leave (everyone else either forgot their ski stuff or didn’t feel like going) but decided to sleep for another two hours instead.  Told myself I’d work out later to make up for it; obviously did not.

Adam and I took a short walk around Bay Harbor on our way back to the Detroit area.

bay harbor

After dropping Adam at the airport, I headed back to Columbus and started working on this blog post with the Oscars on in the background.  Hope your week is off to a good start!

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