Weekend Recap (Summertime in FL)

Good morning and welcome to my third Monday off since Memorial Day.  My long slog through the disgustingly cold spring is finally paying off as I catch up on some vacation days (we can’t carry ours over to future years, which I actually don’t mind at all).  I’m traveling home today after visiting Adam in Florida, but here’s a quick recap of what we were up to this weekend (spoiler alert: it wasn’t much)…


Adam’s apartment complex increased his rent by a couple hundred dollars a month and since his friend Roman recently bought a house, he decided to move in there.  Saturday was moving day, so we spent most of it packing boxes of books and watching the movers lug Adam’s stuff around in 100% humidity with no clouds.


Jojo scaling the disassembled mattress and box spring

After the movers left, the three of us settled in with some pizza and Cutthroat Kitchen, which I’ve turned to since finishing every episode of Chopped.  The concept is similar, but instead of having to cook with unusual ingredients, the contestants bid on ‘sabotages’ like forcing the other chefs to use gardening tools to make their dishes.

cutthroat kitchen

Some of Roman’s friends came over later that night, but Adam and I were exhausted and ended up going to bed within about five minutes of their arrival.  We’re a lot of fun.


We slept in, then made the short drive to Adam’s office with a stop at Tropical Smoothie Cafe (aka my favorite restaurant in Florida and possibly the world) for breakfast.


Featuring the fantastic shirt I bought Adam at the A&F spring sample sale – Hollister did a special Chinese New Year collection for our stores there in February (it’s the year of the monkey).

We both had some work to do, so we stayed at the office most of the day with a quick lunch break at the pub down the street.


So excited to be featured on the blog

pub fish and chips

Fish & chips

We stopped for groceries on the way home and I made hushweh, a quick Lebanese dish of chicken, rice, and ground lamb seasoned with cinnamon (shared the recipe in this post).  I forgot to take photos until after we’d finished but remembered to get one of my giant bowl of ice cream.  I’m currently on a streak of eating dessert after every single lunch and dinner, which is great.


ice cream

Now we’re sitting on the couch watching more Cutthroat Kitchen.  Not the most eventful weekend, but I was glad to spend some time with Adam – we usually see each other every two or three weeks, but it had been over a month due to his CFA exam.   I hope you had a good one, too!

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