Weekend Recap (The Opposite of Clean Eating)

Hi, friends – ready for the start of another week? 🙂  I just dropped Adam at the airport and realized on my way home that with the exception of a trip to Target for an ingredient we needed to make bread, we only left my apartment to eat.  So, for today’s post: my weekend in food.

On Friday, some of the finance group left work a bit early to watch March Madness at a pizza place near the office.  I didn’t even fill out a bracket this year – decided I should save myself the 20 bucks after an impromptu trip to Nordstrom last week – but felt relieved after Michigan State’s loss that it would have been busted anyway.  Did not see that one coming!

mellow mushroom beer

A smidge more relaxing than work

Adam’s flight came in that night, and we stopped for Shamrock Shakes on the way back to my apartment.  My favorite item on any fast-food menu by far.

shamrock shakes

On Saturday morning I made us smoothies, then we decided to have lunch at The Cheesecake Factory to balance out our healthy breakfast.  Naturally, 500 people of all ages were packed into the lobby despite the mid-afternoon hour, and most of the kids were wielding those big cardboard pet carriers from Build-a-Bear.  Adam likens trying to get a table there to being at a club while sober – you just have to stand around miserably for what feels like days in a loud, crowded room.

cheesecake factory

…but we didn’t have anywhere to be and wanted cheesecake…

On the balance thing, though, I don’t mean to sound guilty.  This weekend was a little excessive, but I’ve learned going with the flow for a couple days instead of holding back is always worth it.  Especially now that I’m done playing competitive sports – there’s always next week to eat more veggies/lean protein/etc.

Anyway – the rest of the weekend.  Adam’s been making bread lately since plain bread is his favorite food.  It’s way easier than I thought – you just combine water, salt, and yeast with flour to make the dough, then let it rise for a couple hours.

homemade bread

On Saturday nights, we stay in and wear groutfits

We refrigerated our dough overnight so it would be easier to work with, then baked it on Sunday while we drank our coffee.

homemade bread 2

homemade bread 3

Lunch was Lebanese food at Aladdin’s Eatery – there aren’t many Middle Eastern restaurants in southwest Florida, so Adam always gets his fix when he comes here.  I forgot to take pictures at Aladdin’s, so here are the leftovers I’ll eat for lunch tomorrow:

leftover lebanese food

Grilled chicken with rice and fattoush salad

I’m now debating whether to go to the gym or continue sitting on my couch watching Food Network (it just seemed appropriate).  Did you have anything good to eat this weekend??

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