Weekend Recap (NYC + A Wedding)

Hi, friends. 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the summery weather.  I’m headed back to work after a week off, so really looking forward to that.  But first, my semi-regular weekend recap…I’ll get right to it since my brain’s feeling a bit wine-soaked and mushy right now.  I’m linking up with Erin and Katie as usual.

south street seaport


Adam and I spent the weekend in New York for the wedding of one of his college friends.  I’d actually flown in Thursday night, so on Friday morning I did some work and then went back to sleep to wait for Adam’s flight.  Once he made it to our hotel in the South Street Seaport area and unpacked his suit, we took a walk and ate lunch at a New Zealand-themed pub called Nelson Blue.

south street seaport 2

nelson blue

Our friends Denny and Allison, who had also come in for the wedding, met us after lunch.  We had a couple of drinks at an indoor-outdoor market, then walked south to Battery Park and sat down at a beer garden there (sensing a theme?).


statue of liberty battery park

The Statue of Liberty

battery park

The last of our Michigan friends arrived in the evening and we had dinner at Fraunces Tavern, which occupies one part of a building that was built a really long time ago for something to do with the American Revolution.  More importantly Adam got this giant and very tasty pot pie.

fraunces chicken pot pie

After dinner, we took the subway to Little Italy in search of a certain piano bar but ended up watching karaoke at The Mulberry Street Bar, which was full of red and white checkered tablecloths and a bunch of Italians (duh), all of whom were twenty years older than us, clearly regulars, and should really have record deals.  The woman in red below belted out “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli at one point, and I just gaped at her like a demented fish.

little italy karaoke

Please draw your own conclusions as to how they received Denny’s performance of “Love Shack.”


LIttle Italy


Our friend’s wedding was actually about thirty miles outside of Manhattan, in Rye, so after a quick Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast we packed up and took an Uber to our new hotel.  Adam and I ordered lunch from a place called Antonio’s while we got ready and could immediately tell we weren’t in the city anymore, because the delivery guy charged us like $28 for five days’ worth of food.


Around four, a shuttle took us to the wedding.  Chris and Emily’s venue was beautiful, and everything went off perfectly.  Adam and I were seated with some of Chris’s work friends as well as some former Michigan classmates with whom we’d never crossed paths while we were there and had a great time getting to know them.

Cocktail hour


head table

Cute little head table 🙂


The wedding party was staying at a small inn next door, so we hung out there for a while after the reception ended and then I headed back to the hotel to scarf oily leftover garlic bread and sleep while Adam stayed out (hermit life).

And now I am posted up at LaGuardia, wearing the wrong kind of underwear for these yoga pants and sucking down piping hot chicken noodle soup from Au Bon Pain despite the fact that I am sweating.  See you back here later this week for a post I have not written or determined the subject of!

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  1. Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood

    bahhhahaha your yoga pants and panties predicament is my life story. Sounds like you have an awesome time in the city and then at the wedding! I live the hermit life as well – I can only take so much excitement before I gotta check out, ha!

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