Weekend Recap (MI + 4th of July)

Hello and happy Fourth of July!  I hope you had a fun holiday.  Adam and I spent the long weekend in Michigan with his sister and brother-in-law, who recently moved to a small town about an hour north of where we grew up in the southeast part of the state.  It was low-key and just what I needed after a long week.  Follow the jump for a few photos…

goodrich 2


I drove up from Columbus along a highway with cops stationed about every 100 yards.  I was pulled over once and received one citation for speeding.  Do you guys get let off with warnings often?  I have literally never had that happen.  They just write up the ticket every time.

Anyway, I met Adam’s flight at the Detroit airport around 2 and we drove to his sister Nikki’s house.  She and her husband Tommy moved there after we last visited them, so they showed us around the property for a while – they live on almost 20 acres with a couple of ATVs and their three dogs.  I wouldn’t describe myself as outdoorsy, but it was refreshing to be surrounded by lots of open space for a couple days.

We ordered Mexican carryout for dinner later and sat in the living room catching up for the rest of the night.

three dogs

Top to bottom: Berndt, Olive (the giant), and Mocha


Adam and I picked up donuts and coffee for breakfast.  They really loaded up on the icing at this particular bakery, which I appreciated.

4th of july donut

Complete with red, white, and blue sprinkles 8)

I had to go to the the mall for work at some point during the weekend, so I got that out of the way in the early afternoon and then stopped at the Lifetime nearby for my favorite workout (watching an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen on the elliptical.  Hey, I usually don’t visit the gym on vacation at all).

When I got back to Nikki and Tommy’s, the guys were just heading outside for several hours of man stuff that involved tools.  Adam explained the project to me but I didn’t really understand.  Here’s a cool picture I grabbed from Tommy’s Instagram in case you can figure it out.


Nikki and I watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds, then ordered Jet’s pizza for a late dinner once Adam and Tommy came back in.  Jet’s Butter Crust 8-Corner Pizza > any other pizza.


We started our Fourth of July with the most American of breakfasts: driving through McDonald’s in pajamas for deep-fried hash browns.


This afternoon, we had lunch with both sets of parents for the first time (!).  I wish I had a funny story to tell, but the whole thing was totally pleasant and uneventful.  I dropped Adam back at DTW afterward and got on the road back to Columbus, where I’m now comforting Bobbin through his fourth set of fireworks this weekend…poor guy!


I’ll be back later this week with a fun beauty-related post 🙂 good night!

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