Weekend Recap (Disaster at the Gym + Sittu Goes to the Casino)

Hello, friends!  I hope you had a good weekend.  A highlight of mine was definitely wearing the spring jacket I ordered recently but didn’t expect to pull out of my closet for another month.  Along with some family time, of course.  Here’s a recap…

On Thursday, I met my friends Emily and Greg for dinner at Harvest Pizzeria in the German Village neighborhood.  I had somehow (read: because I’m a hermit) never been even though the place gets rave reviews, but now I see why.  It was well-lit and cozy, with candles flickering on each windowsill, and from our table in the corner we could see the cobblestone street on one side and the red pizza oven in the kitchen on the other.  Our waitress’s long, grey braid reminded me of Ann Arbor.

Greg and I ordered the Fennel Sausage and Roasted Garlic pizzas to split.  The latter was a liiitle on the garlicky side, but I enjoyed both overall.  The crust was thick enough to satisfy but light enough to justify eating five pieces.

Harvest Pizzeria

Roasted Garlic Pizza – olive oil, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, arugula, and pepperoni

Friday night consisted of reading and snuggling Bobbin, then forcing myself to the gym around nine.  You guys, it was a disaster.  I was exhausted and weak after twenty minutes on the elliptical, which in my soccer-playing days I didn’t even count as real exercise.  I went over to the mats for some ab work but laid there like a sweaty corpse for a few minutes and then just got up and left.  Finally, I ate a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and an entire sleeve of Thin Mints, one giant bite per cookie, to regain strength when I got home.  Before I showered.

On the bright side, there’s nothing like an evening like that to make you want to get back on track.  I scheduled my workouts for the coming week to keep myself accountable and make sure I balance strength and cardio exercises.

Sunday: Hot vinyasa yoga class (complete!)
Monday: Yin yoga class (effectively a rest day – the class only runs for 30 minutes and emphasizes relaxation and deep stretching)
Tuesday: Hot vinyasa yoga class
Wednesday: Elliptical, 42 minutes (the length of one Criminal Minds episode)
Thursday: Spinning class
Friday: Run + core exercises
Saturday: Rest

Back to this weekend – I drove home to Michigan on Saturday and took my grandma (we call her Sittu, which is Arabic for ‘grandma’) to the casino since she doesn’t drive anymore.  I worried she might have gotten hurt when my call to confirm went to the answering machine, but learned immediately upon arrival that Sittu was just fine.

I opened the back door, calling “Hello?” as I stepped inside.

“HELLO IT’S OPEN I’M HUNGRY!!!!” came the squawk from the living room, which I couldn’t yet see.  We’d planned to go to lunch first, and the fact that I was ten minutes late had not gone unnoticed.

As we pulled up to the Greektown Casino and Hotel parking garage, Sittu took out a separate wallet from the one she used to pay for lunch and opened it to reveal each slot bursting with bright cards organized by color.  Luckily, she still maintains VIP parking privileges.

I went into the casino long enough for us to pick a meeting place and watch one round of The Walking Dead.  I didn’t understand how the game worked and imagine this must be how grandparents feel when kids use their iPhones.

the walking dead

After we agreed to meet two hours later, I walked around Greektown for a little while and then sat down to read Sharp Objects, which I mentioned in Friday’s post, at a coffee shop called The Roasting Plant.  I got completely lost in it and finished the book later that night.



On Sunday morning, I began a one-day streak of sticking to my workout plan.


Post-yoga smoothie + groutfit

I took a nap in the afternoon despite getting ten hours of sleep the night before.  Really killing it in terms of work ethic.

Before I headed back to Columbus, some of my mom’s family came over.  No special occasion, just a quick dinner. 🙂 My brother helped my cousin Fred with his history homework because “the answers weren’t in the book,” and then we had pasta and salad.  My dad makes the dish in the picture below with angel hair pasta, lightly breaded chicken, garlic, and Parmesan cheese – it’s a copycat of our usual order at this takeout place (Santino’s, for the Northville/Novi locals) we used to visit before it closed several years ago.



This will be a short week for me because I’m taking Friday off to spend the weekend up north with Adam and his family.  Happy Monday!

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