Weekend Recap + A Netflix Hidden Gem

Good morning!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  I’m glad to have today off – this year got off to busier start than I anticipated, but I should be all caught up (hopefully with a semi-clean apartment) by tomorrow.  Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last few days…

My team spent part of the afternoon volunteering at the YWCA Family Center and then got to go home a little early, since the center’s closer to all of our downtown apartments than it is to our office in New Albany.  I used the extra time to take a three hour nap and then groggily make cheese quesadillas in the microwave for dinner like I used to in college.  Friday evenings always felt like the twilight zone in Ann Arbor – I’d fall asleep after coming home from the library, and when I woke up no one was heading off to student organization meetings or study groups like they might on a Thursday, but they hadn’t gone out to the bars yet either.  I always felt sort of lost during those hours, even though I do things alone all time.  Anyway.

Netflix Hidden Gem: Adam and I watched an episode of Worst Cooks in America over FaceTime later that night, which I found hilarious despite having seen it before.  Each season, Food Network casts about fifteen goofy people who seem to be truly clueless when it comes to food and cooking and sends them to “boot camp” with two chefs (Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell) who manage to keep totally straight faces as they respond to the ridiculous things the recruits say and do.  It’s like watching a favorite teacher interact with the funniest kids in class.

I took some photos for upcoming blog posts in the morning, then headed to Mad River Mountain for the afternoon.  I thought drinking an Angry Orchard in the lodge would help me loosen up enough to ride some rails – I always approach features in the terrain park too slowly and have to bail before I jump on – but I realized as I tripped on the flat ground while making my way to the lift that it had the opposite effect.

Mad river map

Mad river chairlift

I walked into the Short North for brunch at Philco with my friends Greg and Chrissie, who I met two years ago during my first week at A&F. I tried the Nutella french toast, which was great. My mom and I also went to this restaurant when she visited last Memorial Day, and I like it because the portions are the perfect size – they fill you up but don’t make you feel like a stuffed pig waddling out the door at the end of your meal.


nutella french toast

Nutella french toast

After brunch, I went to the gym and ran some errands.  I bought a package of savory salmon-flavored treats for Bobbin as a Valentine’s Day gift and wisely fed them to him in bed, after which he proceeded to lick the blanket for ten minutes to pick up any microscopic crumbs he’d missed.  I sense an imminent hairball.

Bobbin snake


Later, Chrissie and I had plans to see How to Be Single, but the weather turned kind of nasty so we decided to skip it.  I ended up whiling away the evening chomping on Tostitos and wandering around my apartment in fuzzy socks, so I’m getting an earlier start today.  I tried this Daily Greens juice by Bolthouse for breakfast for the first time, which was palatable despite not being loaded with sugar, and now I might do some work at one of the coffee shops on High Street I never have a chance to try during the week.

green juice

Reaching new levels of basic yuppie

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