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Good morning and welcome to the new-and-improved-but-not-yet-looking-like-it blog!  I’ve been making some behind-the-scenes updates that will give me more flexibility and control over the site in the long run, but it’s been more of a process than I anticipated.  I promise I’ll be finished and also back to posting content other than quick weekend recaps soon.  But first…

hocking hills state park old mans cave


Adam visited this weekend, so my Friday after leaving work a little early consisted of cleaning, laundry, errands, and a fifteen-minute swim at Lifetime so I could tell myself I worked out.

lap pool lifetime fitness

Adam’s flight came in on the later side, so we relaxed at my apartment for the rest of the night after I picked him up.


At the suggestion of one of Adam’s co-workers and despite our laziness, we decided to visit Hocking Hills (which we dubbed Ham Hock Hills) State Park.  I made us coffee to go and we stopped at Laughlin’s Bakery, a charming little spot right around the corner from my apartment, for a late breakfast to eat on the hour-long drive.

laughlins bakery columbus ohio

Ham Hock/Hocking Hills’ main attraction is the Old Man’s Cave, so named because a hermit lived there for many years.  Underneath the rim of the cave (pictured at the start of this post), you can set off on hiking trails that pass by streams and waterfalls.

hocking hills state park lower falls

hocking hills state park

After Old Man’s cave, we drove three miles down the road to Conkles Hollow, another area Adam’s friend recommended we check out.  We walked uphill for about half a mile before reaching some cliff tops that overlooked a gorge.  I honestly didn’t know there were hills in Ohio, so it almost felt like we’d somehow crossed over into a different state.

conkles hollow hiking

conkles hollow cliffs

We were starving by the time we got back to Columbus, ordered a feast at one of our favorite casual restaurants, Aladdin’s Eatery, and ate it without stopping to breathe (in my case).

aladdins eatery

After Aladdin’s, we went to Target so I could buy a new TV.  I’d been dragging the tiny one my parents bought me for my freshman year dorm room from apartment to apartment, and it finally broke a few weeks ago.


Adam set everything up just in time to watch the women’s Olympic soccer game against France and even vacuumed the cat hair that had been collecting in the corner amongst all the cords and power strips beforehand.  He’s the best.

We watched more Olympics throughout the evening and I picked up takeout from Basil, a Thai place I’ve been wanting to try, for dinner (the verdict: not great – my pad Thai was really dry).

basil thai food columbus


After taking Adam to the airport, I thought about working out or going grocery shopping but watched TV in bed and had more Aladdin’s carryout for dinner.  The Hills 10-year anniversary special, That Was Then, This is Now was obviously the highlight.  I was fifteen when the series began and obsessed with watching Lauren and her friends move into their own apartments and go to clubs every weekend.

the hills that was then this is now

Bobbin and I are thinking we’ll watch the Olympics for the rest of the evening.  Are you watching any of the competition in Rio?  I’ll probably have it on all day and night for the next three weeks… 🙂


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