Weekend Recap

Good morning – I hope you had a wonderful weekend, however you decided to spend it. ūüôā ¬†I was in Michigan for a family friend’s college graduation¬†and my dad’s birthday. ¬†Follow the jump for a quick recap…

detroit city distillery

Detroit City Distillery


I finished Curtis Sittenfeld’s new book¬†Eligible,¬†a retelling of¬†Pride and Prejudice¬†that follows¬†the love lives of five sisters through some interesting ups and downs. ¬†I didn’t love it as much as Sittenfeld’s other books (American Wife¬†and¬†Sisterland¬†are great summer reads if you’re looking for one – you’ll enjoy whether skimming at the beach or devoting¬†your full attention to them on a rainy day)¬†but still read the whole thing in¬†a few days.


I ate smoked meats and drank beer in Ann Arbor¬†for my “cousin” Holly’s graduation from Michigan. ¬†Our families and two others have been friends since our dads met there while driving the campus buses part-time. ¬†We think of each other as family, always have the best time together, occasionally¬†almost kill people¬†trying to fire up electrical devices with lighter fluid, etc, etc.

meat smokers

The two smokers

u of m graduation


Back at my parents’ house,¬†I gave my dad a foam roller for his birthday. ¬†I started using one a couple months ago to heal¬†a calf muscle I strained¬†last summer and kept tweaking, and it’s helped a lot. ¬†I read an article that¬†explained the way they work like this: simply stretching an injured muscle over and over will just pull a knot tighter, but using a foam roller to massage it will work the knot out.

foam roller


I went¬†to a yoga class at Lifetime in the morning – I’ve had more trouble focusing my squirrel brain over the past couple weeks than usual, and forcing myself to¬†slow down and not pay attention to the time for an hour always¬†helps me reset.

The post-class smoothie bribe I’d offered myself didn’t end well¬†because¬†I tried a flavor that incorporated¬†beets. ¬†Don’t let the strawberry hue fool you.

Lifetime napa valley smoothie


In the afternoon I met my friend Sara for a drink at Detroit City Distillery. ¬†They’d brought in a couple guys from a new “micro-creamery” for the day and were running some boozy ice cream drink specials.

ice cream drink

Sara and I forged a bond¬†during the Arabic classes we took for our college language requirement, where we consistently disappointed our professors by looking Lebanese but inevitably revealing that¬†unlike most of our peers, we weren’t already fluent. ¬†We hadn’t seen each other in a couple years (!) and I’m so glad we got to catch up.


Before driving back to Columbus, my parents, brother, and I had dinner at La Pita with my grandma, aunt Peggy, and uncle Harold.

la pita

Despite eating five pieces of bread before our appetizers arrived, I managed a ‘Sharing Size’ bag of M&M’s for dessert on my drive. ¬†Can we all agree those are the perfect size¬†for one person, not two? ¬†Okay.

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