Weekend Recap

How are you guys?  Better buckle up for this recap because it is action PACKED.

I can’t even include Friday because I went home after work and vegetated.  Talked myself out of going to the gym, ate snacks, went to bed early.

Saturday morning, I headed out for a run and actually felt pretty good, probably because I didn’t run very fast.  It was quiet and sunny and cool, and I set a time instead of following one of my usual routes so I could see something different.

columbus run

Later that day I drove to my parents’ house in Michigan, where I spent the evening doing my taxes.  Boredom, frustration, etc. ensued.

I started my Easter Sunday with a walk to Starbucks, Northville’s main/only attraction for teens.  Starbucks + hanging around downtown = my middle school years.

downtown northville

The summer before 9th grade, I helped supervise day camps at the theater with the ‘Peter Cottontail’ sign for $50 a week so that my parents would let me try out for a soccer team based in another city that fall.  It was super awkward because I can’t sing, and I got screamed at and fired two weeks in for wearing flip flops onstage (we were supposed to wear closed-toe shoes).  Still scarred, Mom.

We met my Aunt Nicole, Uncle Dave, and cousins Fred and Claire at my grandparents’ house for lunch that afternoon.

easter table


Kibbee nayeh – raw lamb mixed with bulgur and spices and served with onions, olive oil, and bread.  We Lebaneezers (as Adam calls me) are all about it.


Cutting peanut m&m’s in half.  If you guessed that this ended in tiny pieces of m&m shell all over the table, you’d be right.

grandpa selfies

Learning to take selfies

I got on the road Columbus from there.  The highlight of my drive was, as always, construction traffic.  Below you have a car seeing the backup, turning around, and driving the wrong way back up the middle of the ramp.


And now I must return to work!  Happy Monday.


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