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Hello hello!  I didn’t mean to take a week off from the blog, but I was busy with work at the beginning of the week and then ended spending Thursday night in the ER with a ruptured ovarian cyst instead of finishing Friday’s post…

This fabulous experience began as a stabbing sensation in my side as I left work that evening.  I thought my jeans were just too tight, but by the time I hobbled up the stairs to my apartment and called Adam, I knew it was something else.  I agreed to go to urgent care and told Adam I’d leave just as soon as I ate dinner, which is how I know I will never be skinny.  I prepared and ate a grilled cheese sandwich AS the pain worsened and spread through my entire abdomen.

By the time I got into an exam room at urgent care, my hands were numb because my breathing had become too shallow to get enough oxygen to my whole body.  It hurt to breathe, you see (but apparently not too much to scarf grilled cheese?).  The doctor recommended heading over to the ER so I could get a CT scan.

I picked up one hand, which had stiffened into a sort of claw, with the other.  “Not sure I can drive.”

“An ambulance will cost you $5,000.  Can someone come get –?”

“I’ll drive.”

I hoped to be injected with opioids the second I walked through door of the ER, but no.  The front desk made a copy of my insurance card, which they kindly helped me take out of my wallet due to my claw hands, a nurse took my vitals, another one took some blood, I talked to a billing guy, and after a little while a bed opened up.  By which point…I felt approximately fifty times better.  My little Millenial fingers thankfully loosened up enough to send text messages again and I could concentrate on a magazine.  I still saw a doctor, who did an exam and told me it sounded like a cyst had ruptured and the pain had come while the fluids from it had reabsorbed back into my system.  Once my labs came back normal, I got to go home.

And that should do it for my usual Monday overshare (has this ever happened to anyone before?  So weird!).  Moving on to a more pleasant topic…do you have any weddings to attend this summer?  Adam and I are going to one in New York for a college friend of his next weekend, and I decided to buy a new dress.  Here are a few I rounded up during my search…

Peach | Champagne | Pink | Black Cherry

Green | Blue | Navy | Black

Which would you wear?  I love the black one; it would work for all kinds of different events.  Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Dresses

  1. Carol Wilkins

    You’re a very lucky young lady. In 1992 I too went to the emergency room for an unbearable pain that would not go away. I had a ruptured cyst on my right ovary and unfortunately they had to remove my right ovary the next day. Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

  2. Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood

    Oh man, glad to hear you’re okay! My best friend has had a few ovarian cysts and they’re horrendous. Also, don’t even get me started on how long hospitals take to check you in. TWICE now, I have gone to the hospital in full-blown labor and they took their sweet ass time checking me in. The first time they took so long I didn’t have time for an epidural before the baby came, and the second they DIDN’T BELIEVE ME that I was in labor and put me under observation.


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