Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Reverse System

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  I didn’t get up to much – it rained buckets here, which was the excuse I needed to spend my Saturday and Sunday reading and watching the Olympics.  Hopefully the recent humidity will break as the rain stops – I got out of my car at work on Thursday to the air pressing in on me and a million cicadas buzzing in the tall trees that surround our campus, and it sort of felt like the apocalypse was coming.  Or maybe I just wished it was so that I wouldn’t have to work.

Anyway, today I’m sharing a quick review of the Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Reverse System shampoo and conditioner.  The goal of reverse washing, or using conditioner on your hair before shampoo, is to increase volume while still keeping strands healthy and smooth.  There are other, more expensive systems on the market, but Tresemme’s is the only drugstore version I know of.

tresemme beauty full volume reverse system

As a frame of reference, I’d describe my hair as ‘in the middle’ – it’s wavy and medium-thick.

I tried the system for the first time about three weeks ago after a tough workout.  It felt weird trying to work conditioner through my dirty hair before shampooing – the conditioner is pretty lightweight, as you might expect – but after I used the shampoo and toweled off, my hair felt perfectly clean.  I blow-dried it with my usual Bumble and bumble hair lotion and immediately loved the results – the system delivered lots of volume, and my hair was straight at the roots with a slight curl at the ends.

I thought I’d found the secret to amazing hair for under $10 a month, but after another week, my hair became frizzy and a little dry.  I had to smooth it with a straightener after blow-drying instead of just letting it go – as it turns out, the reverse system doesn’t give my hair all of the moisture it needs.  It’s counterintuitive, but hydrating your hair in the summer is still important because strands will simply suck out of the air whatever moisture they aren’t getting from your products, resulting in major puffiness.

Since then, I’ve been allowing the conditioner to sink into my hair a few moments longer before rinsing and also applying some of my favorite leave-in conditioner  after getting out of the shower, both of which have helped.  While I’ll probably return to normal shampoo and conditioner after using up these bottles, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with fine hair that lacks volume and quickly becomes greasy.  You can find the Beauty Full Volume Reverse System at Target or shop it on Amazon here.  Let me know if you try it out!

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