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Winter 2016 Workout Playlist

nyc santacon

Good evening, everyone!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  My college friends and I visited New York City for the annual Santacon bar crawl, which took place on Saturday.  It was hard not to get into the Christmas spirit what with the day drinking and people dressed in fun holiday outfits everywhere you turned – I’d love to visit over this weekend again sometime.  I’ve included a few more pictures below, but on to today’s post…

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Weekend Recap + A Vacation Workout

I used my last two days of PTO for 2015 (February is the first month of our fiscal year at work) to see Adam in Naples.  Here’s a quick recap, as well as a workout that can keep you from feeling sluggish and stiff while on vacation.

Thursday night, we picked up Jet’s pizza on the way home from the airport and watched a couple episodes of Criminal Minds.  I’ve almost completed all ten seasons on Netflix and anticipate feeling utterly lost when I reach the end.  It’s been quite the journey.  Have you guys watched Making a Murderer?  I might start that next.

On Friday, Adam had to go into the office for a little while.  I’ve been guilty of wrapping myself in a blanket and sitting in one spot for the entire evening after work instead of going to the gym for the last couple weeks because of the cold weather in Columbus, so I decided to get some fresh air.

I jogged for about twenty minutes at a brisk pace for some cardio.  Back at Adam’s apartment complex, I did modified one-twenty’s on the tennis court because I believe running until you can’t breathe is good for the soul.  A one-twenty is sprint from one end of a court or field to the other followed by a super-slow recovery jog back to start.  We had a minute and twenty seconds to complete each rep when we did them on a soccer field in high school, but I cut the distance by ninety percent and didn’t use a timer.  Can’t win ’em all.  I completed three sets of three with about a minute and a half of rest in between, then did a few minutes of strength work to finish up.  I like to target my core while traveling because sitting in cramped airplanes can throw mine out of whack.  Exercises below!

Vacation Workout

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A Simple, No-Equipment Circuit Workout

We got our first proper snow in Columbus today (it actually put me in a good mood — all the cold weather without snow here gets old!) along with ten-degree temperatures, so I thought I’d share a circuit workout you can do indoors without any equipment.  Many of the exercises hit more than one muscle group, and in case you too have the attention span of a flea, there are no complicated movements or photographs to follow.  I ran through it once in about 20 minutes before work this morning, but feel free to repeat if you have the time and feel good!

Office Snow

Today at the office

Instructions: Choose a cardio exercise, such as marching in place, jumping jacks, jumping rope, or high knees.  Alternate one minute of cardio with one minute of each move below in order.  Complete as many repetitions as you can with the exception of 6. Plank and 10. Glute Bridge, which you’ll simply hold for the full 60 seconds.

1. Mountain Climbers
Begin in a push-up position. Pick up your right knee and drive it toward your left elbow, then do the same on the opposite side — left knee toward right elbow.

2. Squat Jumps
Begin in a squat position, as if you were sitting in a chair. Jump as high as you can, and try to land softly.

3. Lunges

4. Push-ups

5. Crab Walk (looks dumb but it’s good for your shoulders!)

6. Plank – Hold for 1 minute
Position yourself as if you were starting a push-up, but rest on your forearms instead of your palms.

7. Burpees
Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Thrust your feet back so you land at the top of a push-up.  Complete a push-up, then bring your feet back to the starting position. Finally, jump straight up, raising your hands above your head.

8. Crunches

9. Back Extension
Lay on your stomach with your arms extended in front of you. Using the strength of your lower back, lift your arms and legs several inches off the ground. Pause at the top, then gently return to start.

10. Glute Bridge – Hold for 1 minute
Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and arms at your sides. Pressing your heels into the ground, slowly lift your hips and hold.