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Life Lately: January 2017

Hey, friends.  How are you?  I flew back to Florida to stay last Wednesday after my last work trip and surprisingly don’t feel so much like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I feel like something is missing from my very core.  I guess I thought confidence in my decision to leave A&F would mean an absence of sadness over what I left behind, but that hasn’t been the case.

Anyway, enough weirdness.  In this post, I outlined my plan to share my progress toward (new) career goals as well as personal photos from vacations, the rare social engagement, and so on in one monthly post.  However, trying to combine two posts into one proved awkward, so ya got February 2017 Goals on Wednesday and Life Lately: January 2017 today.  I will now get on with it:

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Tips for Frequent Travel Pin

Tips for Frequent Travel

Whether you’re always on the go or just preparing for a Spring Break trip, I hope these tips for frequent travel help make the experience smooth and comfortable!

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Today, let’s get the statement that will make me sound like a complete asshole out of the way first: my employer has been flying me between Columbus and Fort Myers every week since the beginning of November (this post explains why), and traveling all the time can be draining.  Self-important sentence said, a few key habits and products I’ve picked up along the way have helped me to maintain my health and sanity.  Follow the jump for a list of tips for frequent travel.

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columbus oh city guide

Columbus, Ohio City Guide

Whether you’re new to Columbus or just happen to be visiting, I hope this lineup of my favorite places to eat, exercise, and play helps you make the most of your time in the city!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by the blog today!  Did you have a nice Christmas? Adam and I spent Christmas Eve with his grandma in Venice, Florida, then I flew home to Michigan yesterday morning.  I’m here for the rest of the week and looking forward to the extended break from work (assuming I can keep from obsessively checking emails) and heading to Traverse City with family friends for the New Year.

By the time I return to the office, I’ll have just three work trips to Columbus remaining.  I would say it hasn’t sunk in yet, but I’ve put in my notice, prepared to leave, and then been asked to stay on longer twice now, so.  In any case, I developed a fondness for this city with its tree-lined cobblestone streets and airport where you magically never have to wait in line.  So for today’s post, I’ve gathered a collection of great spots for eating, drinking, and recreation in Columbus.

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Weekend Recap

Hi and happy Tuesday!  I didn’t end up writing this post on Sunday because I returned from Michigan too late (thanks to the ever-present construction on I-75 >:|), but had a chance to type it up last night…

favorite view

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Weekend Recap (MI + 4th of July)

Hello and happy Fourth of July!  I hope you had a fun holiday.  Adam and I spent the long weekend in Michigan with his sister and brother-in-law, who recently moved to a small town about an hour north of where we grew up in the southeast part of the state.  It was low-key and just what I needed after a long week.  Follow the jump for a few photos…

goodrich 2

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Weekend Recap (NYC + A Wedding)

Hi, friends. 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the summery weather.  I’m headed back to work after a week off, so really looking forward to that.  But first, my semi-regular weekend recap…I’ll get right to it since my brain’s feeling a bit wine-soaked and mushy right now.  I’m linking up with Erin and Katie as usual.

south street seaport

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Weekend Recap (Ann Arbor + GP)

Hello friends!  I’m fortunately not awake yet because my wise former self scheduled a day of PTO to rest after a degenerates’ weekend with my college friends in Ann Arbor.  So this is the best Monday I’ve had in a while.  In case you’d like to start yours off by listening to me talk about myself on the internet, please follow the jump.

lake st. clair

Lake St. Clair

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Memorial Day Trip to The Carolinas

Growing up, I complained endlessly to my parents about our family vacations (quite the grateful child, I know).  Instead of posting up at Disney World for a week, we would always fly into some random airport – not necessarily in a warm climate – and pick up a rental car.  My dad, who drives like a crazed bat out of hell, would proceed to transport us along whatever route he and my mom had agreed to, hitting many attractions and rarely staying in the same hotel more than two nights in a row.

I informed them that every vacation I took after moving out would involve a tropical resort and little to no educational activity (for some reason, I despise walking through museums more than anything.  It’s like a phobia that’s manifested in hatred instead of fear), but my long-distance relationship already incorporates plenty of time at the beach – Adam lives in southwest Florida.

Saturday at the beach

So, one Memorial Day, we went back on my promise and hit parts of both North and South Carolina in one weekend.  It was fun and inexpensive and the weather was beautiful.  Read on for some highlights in case you live near the East coast and want to plan your own trip…

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Weekend Recap (VA + DC)

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  I’m in bed on Sunday night with a mug of the 25-calorie hot chocolate Adam always makes fun of me for drinking (the powder never fully absorbs into the water) after a couple days visiting family in Virginia for my cousin’s first communion.  I’m linking up with Erin and Katie for today’s weekend recap as usual…

balloon arch

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