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Favorite Sea Salt Sprays + A Hair Trick

Today’s post includes reviews of my favorite sea salt sprays, as well as a trick for making scrunched curls or waves turn out great every time!

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone’s surviving the heat.  They keep it nice and frigid in our office, so I’ve been managing my wardrobe for the fifty-degree temperature difference between my desk and the other side of the door I set ten feet from.

Anyway, boring complaint over.  Do you guys ever use sea salt sprays?  I wear my hair wavy more often in this kind of humidity since the effort to straighten it often goes to waste.  In the past I always held my waves with some kind of gel, but I’ve been spritzing on sea salt spray lately instead.  I love the more natural look it offers.

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Friday Favorites #2

How are you guys?  I hope your short week was peaceful and productive.  🙂  I’m working in the morning today and driving to Ann Arbor this afternoon to spend the weekend with college friends.  We’re running a 10k on Sunday, which I expect to go well since I haven’t run six miles at once since this weekend a year ago.  But first, a quick list of Friday Favorites since the long weekend gave me a chance to write an extra post this week.

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Seven Fun Swimsuits

Growing up in the Midwest, I never put much consideration into swimsuit shopping.  I’d get one each summer at Target when I was younger and at Victoria’s Secret later on, not even thinking to look elsewhere.  Trying on swimsuits after a Michigan winter in which I consumed infinite Flipz white fudge pretzels while studying for midterms just didn’t seem like fun, I guess.

While the idea for this post came during my commute last week when when I somehow forgot I will not, in fact, be getting the summer off (and haven’t for three years), I put it together anyway for some inspiration to shop around a little more this season.  Here are seven fun suits I came across!

Column 1: Red, White, & BlueWrap Bikini | Indian Summer

Column 2: Monokini | Rashguard

Column 3:  Gingham |  Ballerina

I first saw the cream, pink, and black Ballerina one-piece on Cup of Jo and had to share it here – I might buy it for swimming laps this summer.  Would you wear any of these?  Where do you usually buy swimwear (help me out! 🙂 )?







Easy Dinners That Make One Serving

Do you ever eat kitchen scraps for days on end because you just can’t go to work AND cook?  This happened to me a couple weeks ago, and on one night, I felt pretty good because the blueberry granola I ate matched the blueberry Eggo waffles I toasted up next.  On the side I had a bowl of frozen mixed vegetables.  Delicious.

I finally went to Kroger this past Saturday morning, but before that I spent several hours paging through Google results for “meals that make one serving.”  Sometimes I wonder if I will read the whole Internet in the process of writing this blog.  Anyway, I thought having more options I could throw together without having to portion leftovers into containers and do a bunch of cleaning afterward would lead to fewer scrap dinners.  Here’s what I came up with…

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