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A Fresh and Easy Lebanese Meal

I’ve discovered a few personal cooking principles over the years.  I avoid making dishes that require more than two pots.  Nothing you might also see on a plate of chicken wings can be involved (e.g. ranch dressing, celery, fiery orange buffalo sauce).  Fruit is not a valid dessert.  Luckily, my mom got me a Lebanese cookbook for Christmas that includes many recipes that meet my criteria.

Rose Water and Orange Blossoms

Rose Water and Orange Blossoms by Maureen Abood

I used two of them to make easy meal you can pull together in half an hour or so.

Fattoush Salad and Hushweh

Hushweh and Fattoush

Hushweh is a mixture of rice, chicken, ground beef or lamb, and toasted almonds.  It’s seasoned with cinnamon, and you stir in several tablespoons of butter at the end that make the chicken nice and juicy — it’s perfect for a cold winter night.  I’ve adapted the ingredient list to use a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken instead of roasting your own.  Whatever you do, I’d advise against trying to butcher a raw chicken with a steak knife. Continue reading