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A Week of Easy Meals

Well, good morning.  Let’s continue on with my recent confessions, shall we?

  1. I spilled a little chunk of brownie and ice cream from a Dairy Queen Blizzard on the center console of my car last week and haven’t cleaned it up yet.
  2. Until this weekend, I hadn’t grocery shopped properly for at least a month.  Just didn’t feel like it.  Nothing sounded good except ice cream.  When I had other things to pick up at Target, I would throw some random food items along with coffee grounds and 25-calorie hot chocolate packets (the essentials) into my cart and eat those.

I finally snapped out of it on Saturday and decided to make a meal plan for this week, which I’m sharing today.  The shopping list and portion sizes are for one, with the exception of the yellow cake baked oatmeal which serves 10.  You can eat this “oatmeal” at any time of day and pretend it’s healthy, so it’s nice to have on hand.


What, you don’t unpack your groceries like this?

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Weekend Recap (VA + DC)

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  I’m in bed on Sunday night with a mug of the 25-calorie hot chocolate Adam always makes fun of me for drinking (the powder never fully absorbs into the water) after a couple days visiting family in Virginia for my cousin’s first communion.  I’m linking up with Erin and Katie for today’s weekend recap as usual…

balloon arch

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whole foods bulk bins

Red Lentil Soup

This past Saturday, my mom promised me at least four times that the soup she served that night would soon make an appearance on this blog.  I ignored her but naturally proceeded to wake up on Monday with a headache and sore throat.  When I hadn’t improved the next day, I thought I should eat something more nourishing than pasta (read: macaroni and cheese) for dinner, so I texted her for the recipe and here we are.  Also, I was confused to discover when I unpacked my groceries that in my feverish haze, I’d bought a variety of tea that supports healthy lactation instead of whatever I intended to.  So there’s that.

This soup is simple, healthy (lentils have plenty of fiber and protein but no fat), and soothing – perfect for the chilly, rainy spring we’ve had so far.

whole foods lentils

soup ingredients

Tomato paste that doesn’t come in a can you have to throw away after using 1/16 of it!

red lentil soup

red lentil soup 2

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Easy Dinners That Make One Serving

Do you ever eat kitchen scraps for days on end because you just can’t go to work AND cook?  This happened to me a couple weeks ago, and on one night, I felt pretty good because the blueberry granola I ate matched the blueberry Eggo waffles I toasted up next.  On the side I had a bowl of frozen mixed vegetables.  Delicious.

I finally went to Kroger this past Saturday morning, but before that I spent several hours paging through Google results for “meals that make one serving.”  Sometimes I wonder if I will read the whole Internet in the process of writing this blog.  Anyway, I thought having more options I could throw together without having to portion leftovers into containers and do a bunch of cleaning afterward would lead to fewer scrap dinners.  Here’s what I came up with…

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Weekend Recap (The Opposite of Clean Eating)

Hi, friends – ready for the start of another week? 🙂  I just dropped Adam at the airport and realized on my way home that with the exception of a trip to Target for an ingredient we needed to make bread, we only left my apartment to eat.  So, for today’s post: my weekend in food.

On Friday, some of the finance group left work a bit early to watch March Madness at a pizza place near the office.  I didn’t even fill out a bracket this year – decided I should save myself the 20 bucks after an impromptu trip to Nordstrom last week – but felt relieved after Michigan State’s loss that it would have been busted anyway.  Did not see that one coming!

mellow mushroom beer

A smidge more relaxing than work

Adam’s flight came in that night, and we stopped for Shamrock Shakes on the way back to my apartment.  My favorite item on any fast-food menu by far.

shamrock shakes

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Recipe Roundup

While I’m sure you enjoy reading about all the exciting activities I get up to in Ohio in the middle of winter, descriptions of how I spent Saturday and Sunday watching House of Cards on my iPhone because my MacBook broke (it broke, I dropped it, whatever) and my cruel and unreasonable employer (KIDDING) has prevented Netflix from running on our work computers would not make an interesting weekend recap.  So, since I had to produce actual content for today’s post, I thought I’d share a few good recipes I’ve made recently.  They’re not quite as healthy as the last batch I posted, but there is minimal cheese and plenty of protein involved.  I consider the day a win if I’m not digging into a giant bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats two hours after dinner anyway.

Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast adapted from Allrecipes.com
This recipe uses ingredients you may already have on hand, and it’s easy to make for one.

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Weekend Recap

Between visiting my parents last weekend and spending this past one in northern Michigan with Adam, it feels like I’ve spent most of the last two weeks in the car!  But the travel is always worth it, of course, and now I’m back in my lair catching up with Bobbin, who held down the fort in Columbus.

bobbin cat

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Recipes That Make Great Leftovers

I like my food to look the same cold as it does hot, after I’ve just cooked it – pulling something weird-looking out of a plastic grocery bag and sneaking it into the microwave at work depresses me a little.  So (not being a fan of congealed meat fat) I end up making a lot of vegetarian recipes that actually taste better after the flavors have had time to meld together.  Here are three that make great leftovers for packed lunches or just eating a few nights in a row.

Orzo Carmelized with Fall Vegetables and Ginger adapted from The Kitchn

Orzo with carmelized fall vegetables

Sweet potatoes…like cheese, but not

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