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Life Lately: Holiday Recap & 2017 Blog Plans

Good morning and happy New Year! ¬†Are you making the most of 2017 so far? ūüėČ ¬†For the first couple of months¬†I’m planning to focus on mapping¬†out my career, as well as this blog,¬†even though I’ve generally lacked the focus and drive to make¬†new year’s resolutions¬†in the past. ¬†Quitting my job without a plan was a great first step, right?

Let’s¬†continue to put that off,¬†though. ¬†Follow the jump for a few photos from the holidays…

suttons bay rental house

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Weekend Recap – ANF Challenge

Well…seems I’ve fallen little short of my two-posts-per-week goal lately. ¬†Apologies (and thank you) to the 5-7 people who read the blog regularly – I do enjoy going on about myself in this little corner of the Internet, but it’s been an unexpectedly crazy few weeks at work.¬† I spent a good chunk of that time not knowing whether I was on the verge of tears or maniacal laughter, but have since realized with help from my wise mother that not allowing work to control 95% of my thoughts (the other 5% going to food, obviously) will result in better mental health.

So, to focus on other things, here are a few photos from this weekend… (how’s that for a smooth segue?)

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Weekend Recap

Hi and happy Tuesday!¬† I didn’t end up writing this post on Sunday because I returned from Michigan too late (thanks to the ever-present construction on I-75 >:|), but had a chance to type it up last night…

favorite view

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Weekend Recap (MI + 4th of July)

Hello and happy Fourth of July! ¬†I hope you had a fun holiday. ¬†Adam and I spent the long weekend in Michigan¬†with his sister and brother-in-law, who recently moved to a small town about an hour north of where we grew up in the southeast part of the state. ¬†It was low-key and just what I needed after a long week. ¬†Follow the jump for a few photos…

goodrich 2

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Weekend Recap (VA + DC)

Good morning!¬† How was your weekend?¬† I’m in bed on Sunday night with a mug of the¬†25-calorie hot chocolate¬†Adam always makes fun of me for drinking (the powder never fully absorbs into the water) after a couple days visiting family in Virginia¬†for my cousin’s first communion. ¬†I’m linking up with¬†Erin¬†and¬†Katie¬†for today’s weekend recap as usual…

balloon arch

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Weekend Recap

How are you guys?  Better buckle up for this recap because it is action PACKED.

I can’t even include Friday because I went home after work and vegetated.¬† Talked myself out of going to the gym, ate snacks, went to bed early.

Saturday morning, I headed out for a run and actually felt pretty good, probably because I didn’t run very fast.¬† It was quiet and sunny and cool, and I set a time instead of following one of my usual routes so I could see something different.

columbus run

Later that day I drove to my parents’ house in Michigan, where I spent the evening doing my taxes.¬† Boredom, frustration, etc. ensued.

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Home for the Holidays + WildLights

Highlights and Zoo Lights

Five seconds after walking in the door
Mom: Do you have a washer and dryer at your place?
Me: No. Why?
Mom: Okay, we’ll get that coat cleaned up while you’re home.

Christmas Eve
Poem from my grandmother to my cousin Meredith:
I shall never forget how much you meant to me when you were five,
You made me feel so young and alive.
Now you are mature and have many teenage friends,
Please see me more often before my life ends.

Dad: When I lived in Mexico, any rain would just evaporate before it got halfway to the ground. There are 380 days of sun each year in Mexico.

Cousin Fred: I remember the last time we went to Mass! It was when Super Mario Galaxy came out, which was in 2007.

Last dinner together, Sunday night
Fuzzy gloves and large chip clips were pawned off on the grandkids as stocking stuffers.


Finally, I stopped at the actual zoo for a break on my drive back to Columbus today (it’s located north of the city).¬† I saw exactly 1 of the 600 species there, but the lights were pretty.

Wildlights 1

Wildlights 2

Wildlights 3