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columbus oh city guide

Columbus, Ohio City Guide

Whether you’re new to Columbus or just happen to be visiting, I hope this lineup of my favorite places to eat, exercise, and play helps you make the most of your time in the city!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by the blog today!  Did you have a nice Christmas? Adam and I spent Christmas Eve with his grandma in Venice, Florida, then I flew home to Michigan yesterday morning.  I’m here for the rest of the week and looking forward to the extended break from work (assuming I can keep from obsessively checking emails) and heading to Traverse City with family friends for the New Year.

By the time I return to the office, I’ll have just three work trips to Columbus remaining.  I would say it hasn’t sunk in yet, but I’ve put in my notice, prepared to leave, and then been asked to stay on longer twice now, so.  In any case, I developed a fondness for this city with its tree-lined cobblestone streets and airport where you magically never have to wait in line.  So for today’s post, I’ve gathered a collection of great spots for eating, drinking, and recreation in Columbus.

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Weekend Recap – ANF Challenge

Well…seems I’ve fallen little short of my two-posts-per-week goal lately.  Apologies (and thank you) to the 5-7 people who read the blog regularly – I do enjoy going on about myself in this little corner of the Internet, but it’s been an unexpectedly crazy few weeks at work.  I spent a good chunk of that time not knowing whether I was on the verge of tears or maniacal laughter, but have since realized with help from my wise mother that not allowing work to control 95% of my thoughts (the other 5% going to food, obviously) will result in better mental health.

So, to focus on other things, here are a few photos from this weekend… (how’s that for a smooth segue?)

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Weekend Recap

Good morning and welcome to the new-and-improved-but-not-yet-looking-like-it blog!  I’ve been making some behind-the-scenes updates that will give me more flexibility and control over the site in the long run, but it’s been more of a process than I anticipated.  I promise I’ll be finished and also back to posting content other than quick weekend recaps soon.  But first…

hocking hills state park old mans cave

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Weekend Recap + A Netflix Hidden Gem

Good morning!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  I’m glad to have today off – this year got off to busier start than I anticipated, but I should be all caught up (hopefully with a semi-clean apartment) by tomorrow.  Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last few days…

My team spent part of the afternoon volunteering at the YWCA Family Center and then got to go home a little early, since the center’s closer to all of our downtown apartments than it is to our office in New Albany.  I used the extra time to take a three hour nap and then groggily make cheese quesadillas in the microwave for dinner like I used to in college.  Friday evenings always felt like the twilight zone in Ann Arbor – I’d fall asleep after coming home from the library, and when I woke up no one was heading off to student organization meetings or study groups like they might on a Thursday, but they hadn’t gone out to the bars yet either.  I always felt sort of lost during those hours, even though I do things alone all time.  Anyway.

Netflix Hidden Gem: Adam and I watched an episode of Worst Cooks in America over FaceTime later that night, which I found hilarious despite having seen it before.  Each season, Food Network casts about fifteen goofy people who seem to be truly clueless when it comes to food and cooking and sends them to “boot camp” with two chefs (Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell) who manage to keep totally straight faces as they respond to the ridiculous things the recruits say and do.  It’s like watching a favorite teacher interact with the funniest kids in class.

I took some photos for upcoming blog posts in the morning, then headed to Mad River Mountain for the afternoon.  I thought drinking an Angry Orchard in the lodge would help me loosen up enough to ride some rails – I always approach features in the terrain park too slowly and have to bail before I jump on – but I realized as I tripped on the flat ground while making my way to the lift that it had the opposite effect.

Mad river map

Mad river chairlift

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Home for the Holidays + WildLights

Highlights and Zoo Lights

Five seconds after walking in the door
Mom: Do you have a washer and dryer at your place?
Me: No. Why?
Mom: Okay, we’ll get that coat cleaned up while you’re home.

Christmas Eve
Poem from my grandmother to my cousin Meredith:
I shall never forget how much you meant to me when you were five,
You made me feel so young and alive.
Now you are mature and have many teenage friends,
Please see me more often before my life ends.

Dad: When I lived in Mexico, any rain would just evaporate before it got halfway to the ground. There are 380 days of sun each year in Mexico.

Cousin Fred: I remember the last time we went to Mass! It was when Super Mario Galaxy came out, which was in 2007.

Last dinner together, Sunday night
Fuzzy gloves and large chip clips were pawned off on the grandkids as stocking stuffers.


Finally, I stopped at the actual zoo for a break on my drive back to Columbus today (it’s located north of the city).  I saw exactly 1 of the 600 species there, but the lights were pretty.

Wildlights 1

Wildlights 2

Wildlights 3

I’m Back!

Well, seems I haven’t made much time to blog over the past month.  The weeks leading up to Black Friday got busy at work, and the holiday season and all that comes with it started right after.

I’ve always struggled to find a balance between having fun and doing serious work, whether it’s related to my day job or writing.  By that I mean I’m kind of uptight and have held myself back from going out with friends or trying something new in order to stay in my room and study or just wait for the next day to come so I could start over.

I didn’t think much about how I missed out until I graduated from Michigan and started working.  There was no epiphany or single event that brought it on; maybe just the realization that I wouldn’t live in the same neighborhood as the people I’d shared the college experience with and come to care about anymore.

Over the last couple years I’ve tried to swing to a healthier balance (okay, I’ve tried most of the time — I’m a textbook introvert!).  In November and December that’s resulted in the neglect of my blog and being one of the only people doing tequila shots at the company holiday party, but ’tis the season, I guess.  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, and here are some pictures from the past few weeks:


Girls weekend in Pittsburgh


Detroit the night before Thanksgiving


Bruce J. Whitefoot

Big Bang

Hollister holiday party at The Big Bang

New Years Group Dinner

Christmas dinner with family friends