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Thoughts on the Election


…Well, that was quite the week, huh?  If you would have told me when the presidential campaigns began 7 million years ago that come election night, despite a terrible day at work, I’d be rushing through cold rain in the early dark to make sure I cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, I would have laughed.

Like many of my friends, I muddled through the back half of the week in a state of bewildered disappointment.  Not necessarily because Hillary lost – I find her plenty objectionable but thought she had less potential to generate various unmitigated disasters – but because the reality that we’d chosen these candidates from a population of 320 million and now one of them will, in fact, be President sunk in.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around it – most people I know are smarter, more thoughtful and more decent than the two of them.  Of course, Clinton and Trump didn’t get here on their own, but none of their primary opponents seemed terribly strong, either.

Maybe the solution is for more decent people to get involved.  One my Facebook friends wrote a post that resonated with me, even our views don’t match up exactly.  I won’t paste it here verbatim, but he said that ‘if [he] truly believed this election was our country’s most important work,’ he should have done more.  That he accepts the result and respects the office of the President, but that today begins his fight for the America he dreams we’ll become.  And finally, he’s encouraged by the idea that the impact he and his friends can effect is significant and largely untapped.

gulf shore boulevard

I actually didn’t intend to devote a whole post to the election, but my focus is waning, as it does after short periods of time.  Check back in later this week (let’s be honest, I don’t know what day) for the update I originally planned to write.  It involves a move to the area pictured in the photos above and some tips on how NOT to go about taking a cat on a 17-hour drive!


Friday Favorites #2

How are you guys?  I hope your short week was peaceful and productive.  🙂  I’m working in the morning today and driving to Ann Arbor this afternoon to spend the weekend with college friends.  We’re running a 10k on Sunday, which I expect to go well since I haven’t run six miles at once since this weekend a year ago.  But first, a quick list of Friday Favorites since the long weekend gave me a chance to write an extra post this week.

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