Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the #1 New York Times bestseller by Japanese “decluttering guru” Marie Kondo?  She recently published a companion to the book called Spark Joy, which I received in my January PopSugar subscription box.  I cracked it open last Friday night (no, I don’t get out much) and was inspired to do a little tidying project over the weekend.

Spark Joy

In the spirit of full disclosure, I only read sixty pages of Spark Joy.  The first three chapters explain the theory of Kondo’s method of tidying and organizing, and they’re an interesting, quick read.  The remainder of the book, however, consists of detailed instructions and diagrams like this:


Diminishing marginal returns to poring over those, my friends.  Ultimately, the key to the ‘KonMari method’ is this: throw away (or donate) everything you don’t like in order to create a living space that brings you joy.  Don’t worry if the items were expensive or you feel like you should keep them for some other reason.


Kondo posits that we can lead happier lives by surrounding ourselves with only the possessions we truly love.  I agree – while tidying up obviously won’t solve my biggest problems, it might help me make decisions from a calmer, more rational place.

After filling several garbage bags with old clothes and shoes (goodbye, faux-snakeskin Guess platform stilettos.  Goodbye, skater Vans), I traded my white comforter for a new one in pale pink, and it really brightened up my room.  I’ve always kept my spaces somewhat bare – my college roommates would poke fun at me for never hanging a single picture on my walls – but luckily Spark Joy includes advice for others with this tendency: add color.  Kondo noticed that color was lacking in the homes of her clients who tidied every room but somehow didn’t feel finished with the job.  They found it helped to add some extra joy after completing their discarding and organizing.



I decided to cap off my weekend of putting things in order with a Sunday afternoon vinyasa yoga class.  It very nearly killed me.  One of these winters I’ll stay in shape despite the cold…



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