An Important Question About Oil Cleansers

I first heard about beauty oils months ago but never purchased any because my face is often nice and shiny on its own, thank you.  Recently, however, I read that these products can actually help balance out your skin and decided to try a couple.  The (very) important question — can you use oil products if you have combination skin?

I took Adam to Sephora two weeks before Christmas to make my selections.  It was bright and busy and loud and women in thick winged eyeliner immediately started asking if we needed any help.  “We’re fine,” I smiled and led Adam to the back of the store where they stock the skincare products.  He wondered something to the effect of “how do you fill an entire store with things like this and what kind of saps are keeping it in business.”  (Naturally, when we eventually checked out, the cashier rang a bell and informed everyone around us I’d spent enough that year for an upgrade to the next tier within their rewards program.  Adam couldn’t contain his laughter.)

I looked at the moisturizing oils first and found myself a little scared to actually use one.  “Here, this one looks like rubber cement,” Adam offered, handing me a dark orange tester bottle.  I took the dropper out and squeezed some of the oil onto my fingertips, then took a deep breath and spread the product onto my cheeks and forehead.  It felt…exactly like oil you would cook with.  I looked in the mirror and didn’t see any traces of the oil, but I was certain I could feel it seeping into my pores and blocking them.  I returned the bottle to the shelf.

I ended up buying two cleansing oils instead — Lancome’s Energie de Vie The Cleansing Oil and Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil  — because you rinse them off after applying to dry skin.


Cleansing oils

I was happy to find out that I can use these cleansers.  I loved the Lancome oil — it had a nice fresh scent, like pine, and my skin felt clean and refreshed after I rinsed it away.  The formula was thinner and lighter than the moisturizing oil I’d tried at Sephora.  Maybe it’s just the copy written on the bottle — “Energie de Vie, a range inspired by nature, the quintessence of earth…leaves the skin radiant — but I think my skin looks more even.  The Clinique product was a little heavier but still removed my makeup easily.  I’ll probably take it with me when I travel since the bottle comes in a small enough size but not use it regularly.

While I can’t phase out my benzoyl peroxide facewash just yet, I’m glad to have finally found something to keep my skin healthy in the dry air this winter.


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