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Life Lately: January 2017

Hey, friends.  How are you?  I flew back to Florida to stay last Wednesday after my last work trip and surprisingly don’t feel so much like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I feel like something is missing from my very core.  I guess I thought confidence in my decision to leave A&F would mean an absence of sadness over what I left behind, but that hasn’t been the case.

Anyway, enough weirdness.  In this post, I outlined my plan to share my progress toward (new) career goals as well as personal photos from vacations, the rare social engagement, and so on in one monthly post.  However, trying to combine two posts into one proved awkward, so ya got February 2017 Goals on Wednesday and Life Lately: January 2017 today.  I will now get on with it:

kayaking barefoot beach

Adam’s friends visited for the New Year and while I spent the holiday in Michigan, I returned to Naples in time to catch them for a day.  We launched kayaks from Barefoot Beach Preserve and made our way out to the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve been kayaking twice now and my favorite part is paddling to semi-secluded beaches you can’t reach by car – they feel like their own little communities.

Adam’s mom mailed us a gift card to Bistro 821 on 5th Ave in Naples for Christmas, which we used on some amazing surf-and-turf.  They let you create your dish with any fish and steak on the menu.


The cats started getting along. (!!!)

kayaking naples florida

Adam actually had to work during my kayaking trip with the guys earlier in the month, so the two of us went again a couple weeks later.

the trespasser tana french

I played tourist at the beach a couple times and finished this book from my 2017 Reading List.  It could have been about 50 pages shorter – the story centers around two detectives’ endeavor to solve a crime, and they spend two days (the entire novel unfolds over less than a week) pursuing a lead that comes to nothing and has no bearing on the ultimate resolution – but the pace never slows down too much, and I found the insight into police procedure fascinating.

airplane above clouds

I took three trips to Columbus and managed to capture exactly one photo outside of Florida while the sun was shining.

forno short north

Above is happy hour at Forno, a new-to-me Short North restaurant I’d recommend if you ever visit Columbus – it wasn’t too loud, they serve wine flights, and all of us loved the prosciutto pizza.

I planned to get a few photos on my last day of work, but A&F actually let go about 150 people at our office that same morning, and the day just turned tense and weird and awful.  I ended up focusing only on how fast I could get a drink and a cheeseburger as I drove away, but I do have plenty of good memories to look back on, and for that I’m grateful.

  • How was your weekend?
  • Has it been cloudy for weeks where you live?

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