Life Lately: February 2017

Hello, hello!  How has everyone been?  My blogging hiatus, for the four of you that may have noticed, was borne of a need to focus my limited daily attention span on figuring out my next steps.  Speaking of which, I may or may not not publish another update on my career goals – I’ve tried a couple times to continue the series I started in January, but I wouldn’t want a potential employer to read it and think I’m only interested in certain opportunities.  And I also sometimes feel like I’ve already compromised too much.

corkscrew swamp sanctuary

But anyway, one thing I can do is catch you up on some of my favorite Florida experiences!  Follow the jump for a few pictures.
frank luntz ritz carlton

Adam’s grandparents took us to a reception with Frank Luntz, a pollster and ‘public opinion guru’ (per Wikipedia).  He had a great sense of humor and shared some interesting thoughts on why the presidential election ended in a Trump victory.

bistro 821

My uncle Harold and aunt Peggy spent a week in Naples/Marco Island and took us to dinner at Bistro 821 (we hang out with a lot of retirees).  I’d recommend it if you’re ever in town – it’s right in the middle of all the 5th Avenue restaurants and the seafood has been cooked perfectly both times I’ve eaten there.  Naples doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of cheap and casual yet delicious food, though – we have all the chains, but not much else.

sunset vanderbilt beach

Caught a couple of sunsets at the beach (this photo is the background on the blog now!).

newton park florida

newton park fort myers beach

I played soccer on Fort Myers Beach with a group I found through  Well, I played for about twenty minutes and then sat down and chatted with one of the other girls that had signed up.

Adam and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped pizza and cheese bread from Jets.  For better or worse, pizza and P.F. Chang’s carryout has become a regular part of my diet since we moved in together.  I’m also extremely sedentary now (aside from working out) because I no longer have a long walk from the A&F parking lot to my building, and my kitchen is five steps away from my desk.  So the illusion that I’d be in fantastic shape during these months off has gone up in smoke and empty half gallons of Edy’s, but I’m working on a new routine.

stack of books and kindle

I finished The Girls and The Underground Railroad from my 2017 Reading List.  The Girls is a coming-of-age story about a Californian teenager in the 1960’s who joins a cult led by a Charles Manson-like figure.  The prose is sublime – I’m jealous – and each chapter is filled with suspense.

The Underground Railroad paints a sobering picture of slavery, including all the grisly details that weren’t taught in grade school.  The sad ones, too – several characters die trying to help the protagonist escape, a fact she carries with her across years and state lines.

corkscrew swamp sanctuary


corkscrew swamp sanctuary

alligator corkscrew swamp sanctuary

We visited the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, where this viral video was filmed.  I kind of hate shuffling around museums and much prefer a setup like the sanctuary’s – there are several miles of boardwalk looping around the swamp, and visitors can make their way through at their own pace.  We saw a couple alligators that laid there like rocks, plus lots of birds and lizards.

That’s all for now!  What have you been up to lately?  Until next time…

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