Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day makes me cringe.  I don’t think Adam and I have ever spent one together, since our entire relationship has been long-distance – if we have, I probably don’t remember it because we ordered pizza and watched Netflix, which is not exactly a deviation from our normal routine.  But my frivolous nature and love of buying gifts just barely edges out my ambivalence toward the holiday, so I’m still mailing something to Adam.  Follow the jump to see what I picked for him, as well as three more easy gift ideas that work for either gender.

A Photo Book
I never print pictures anymore, and I think I deleted about ninety percent of my Facebook photos in a panic after Adam’s sister friended me when we first started dating.  Using Shutterfly’s tool (which I linked above), you can choose your favorite photos from the 4,362 on your phone, arrange them in an album, and have Shutterfly print and ship it to you.

shutterfly albums

A Unique Phone Case
I love my Casetify iPhone case – I’ve never seen anyone walking around with a case like mine.  You can make your own using a picture or photo collage, or browse through the hundreds of designs others have uploaded.  Covers for iPads, MacBooks, Androids, and other products are available too.

Casetify case

My current favorite – I found this one by clicking through ten pages of search results for the phrase “rainbow sparkly”

A Refresh of Their Basics
It’s always kind of a bummer to spend money on white t-shirts when you could be buying shoes, but nice ones are worth the price – you feel better wearing them, which is important for pieces you put on all the time.  Going this route for your gift means you won’t have to worry too much about picking the right colors or styles.

James Perse tee

James Perse Classic V-Neck Tee, $50 at Nordstrom

Don’t think Legos are a unisex gift?  You may not have an aunt who compulsively called in sick to work twice in a row to assemble a 10,000-piece Death Star originally purchased for your cousins.  Like the adult coloring book trend,  I thought it might be relaxing for someone who likes working with their hands to build one of these while watching TV.


Adam’s gift – Lego Architecture New York City

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Adam and I won’t be traveling to see one another, but I plan to grab drinks with some friends on Sunday night since we have Monday off work.  Have a good one either way!

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