Life Lately: Holiday Recap & 2017 Blog Plans

Good morning and happy New Year! ¬†Are you making the most of 2017 so far? ūüėČ ¬†For the first couple of months¬†I’m planning to focus on mapping¬†out my career, as well as this blog,¬†even though I’ve generally lacked the focus and drive to make¬†new year’s resolutions¬†in the past. ¬†Quitting my job without a plan was a great first step, right?

Let’s¬†continue to put that off,¬†though. ¬†Follow the jump for a few photos from the holidays…

suttons bay rental house


thanksgiving dinner airportMy family and¬†I usually spend Thanksgiving with my dad’s side in northern Virginia. ¬†We had a great night drinking wine and having our traditional meal¬†of takeout pizza and sushi on Wednesday, but I only snapped a photo of my turkey dinner to go, eaten at the airport on Thursday afternoon before returning to work for Black Friday stuff.

Miami and Jupiter

My¬†dad’s brother George invited us to stay¬†at his place in Jupiter the following weekend, and I gladly took him up on the chance to soak up more time with family after my short Thanksgiving visit. ¬†Adam and I met my cousin Mara and her boyfriend Keith in Miami first, and we walked around South Beach and ate dinner at a Cuban restaurant¬†before driving up to Jupiter.

south beach family

We relaxed during the days (read: I tried to relax but failed to stem the tide of work-related anxiety) and continued with the theme of high wine consumption in the evenings.

jupiter florida golf course

Christmas Eve

Adam and I actually had our own little¬†Christmas celebration in mid-December because of my travel schedule,¬†but he filled the stockings I’d hung for decoration as a surprise on Christmas Eve morning. ¬†Even the cats received gifts, and only one of them threw¬†theirs up immediately!

cat christmas stocking

Later on, we took Adam’s grandma to dinner in Venice.

crow's nest lobster pasta

Christmas Day

I took an early flight to DTW and arrived at my grandparents’ house around noon, where I proceeded to¬†consume all three meals for the day within a space of about four hours¬†and take no photos. ¬†Here’s one¬†of the card I received from my grandma if you’re in the mood¬†for unsolicited advice, though (it’s a birthday card because mine falls near¬†Christmas).

birthday card advice

Ann Arbor

Some of my former club soccer teammates met in Ann Arbor for pad thai (a superfood), many Redbull vodkas (at least for me), Rick‚Äôs (Michigan‚Äôs form of that one bar at every college where you’re likely to find yourself at your worst), and Pizza House (which I started looking forward to around 12:30).¬† I hadn‚Äôt seen some of the girls in awhile¬†and it warmed my little heart to see us pick¬†up right where we left off.

onsie bar crawl

New Year’s Eve

I’m lucky to have a family of fake aunts, uncles, and cousins consisting of my parents’ college friends and their kids. ¬†Whoever can make it spends the New Year together, and this time we rented a house in Suttons Bay,¬†near Traverse City. ¬†I love the snowy quiet of Northern Michigan – it was the perfect way to spend my last couple days before returning to Florida.

suttons bay michigan

suttons bay rental house

Each room had the name of a town up north

suttons bay rental house

traverse city cherry ball

Cherry ball drop in Traverse City

2017 Blog Plans

Moving on, here’s what you can expect on Blunders and Absurdities this year. ¬†Things may change as I continue to learn more about blogging and find a new day job, but this is the plan for now!

  1. Two posts per week.
  2. Near the end of each month, a post laying out goals for the next one in terms of building a career in writing. ¬†I’ll also report on my successes/failures from the previous month and share any lessons learned. ¬†Finally, I’ll be rolling these ‘life lately’ updates into this post.
  3. Piggybacking off of the above (I literally HATE when people say that phrase at work and don’t know why I haven’t changed it), you’ll see more evergreen content and less rambling on about myself from now on. ¬†I love reading weekend recaps from other bloggers and think they’re an important part of building a connection to readers, but I also¬†want to make sure Blunders and Absurdities adds value to your life! ¬†If you just can’t get enough of my exciting day-to-day, I’d love to connect on¬†Instagram¬†or¬†Twitter.
  4. While the tone of the blog will remain pretty light with most¬†content related to health, fitness, food, and style, I’ll also dip into the pursuit of the kind of happiness that doesn’t come from a great recipe or outfit, likely through¬†career- and mental health-related posts. ¬†It’s a wide range, but I hope that good writing will tie it all together.

Highlight of your holiday season? ¬†Anything in particular you’d like to see on the blog this year?

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Nicole,

    Looks like you had a ton of fun around the holidays. Awesome ūüôā

    Love the idea of evergreen content too. My evergreen posts get retweeted and read today, 3 years after I first published these posts when my blog went live. Good money. Because people can always gobble up timely, targeted content that they can use to their benefit. In any niche.

    Thanks much fellow Blogging Booster ūüôā


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