Friday Favorites

Hey look, we’ve survived another week.  Doing anything fun this weekend?  I’m not planning on much other than continuing a cleanse, which you can read more about below along with some other things I’m loving and looking forward to this Friday.  Thanks Katie and Heather for hosting link-ups today!

Mint Chip Brownie Larabars

mint chip brownie larabar
I started buying Larabars as afternoon snacks for work because they’re healthier than most other options – Clif Bars sometimes slow me down like an order of fries.  So, accepting the fact that I don’t burn enough calories sitting still at a desk to justify that many calories, I switched to Larabars – but definitely gave up in taste what I gained in nutritional value with fruit and vegetable flavors like Banana Bread and Carrot Cake.

However, the peppermint oil in this variety completely washes out the taste of the dates that make up the base of the bar.  Combined with a few chocolate chips, you can trick yourself into thinking you’re eating a brownie for half a second.

Photo Shoot Fails
I usually take blog photos over the weekend for upcoming posts.  When Adam and I went to the beach this past Saturday, I asked him to take a few of me from behind to show the back detail on this dress in case I wanted to use it for Instagram.  I walked back to him to take a look and promptly realized that my fashion blogging skills need significant work.  We could not stop laughing at this.  I promise I don’t walk around all slumped over all the time and have no idea what I was doing here.

beach moment

Time to pack up and go home

New Summer Dresses + Sandals

I tend to gravitate toward classic, simple pieces of clothing and jazz them up with, well, not really anything.  I might try Rocksbox since I never manage to buy jewelry – do any of you subscribe?  Anyway, I picked up this sleeveless shirt dress last night and plan to wear it next week with these slides, which I’ve had on repeat lately.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips


I’ve never found a product that heals my lips like a little Vaseline worn overnight.  This (relatively) new variety works just like the original and it’s not greasy at all.  Also, I think the little tub is cute. 🙂

Being a Hermit on Saturday and Sunday

After spending the last three weekends traveling, I look forward to some time alone because I am a hermit.  My boss and I actually started an Advocare cleanse yesterday – he returned from a Disney vacation full of giant meals on Sunday, and I just felt sort of gross – so I’ll be making healthy food, working out a bit, reading, and watching Netflix.  I’ve done this cleanse once before and it actually did help improve my eating habits, so I plan to publish a couple posts on it soon .  More to come!


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