Friday Favorites #4

Good morning!  Are you doing anything fun over the long weekend?  Adam and I are going to Michigan, where our parents are meeting for the first time over lunch on Monday…figured it was about time since we’ve been together almost three years.  Here’s hoping for minimal awkwardness!  Hope you have a great one, and please read on for this week’s Friday Favorites…


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

sally hansen nail polish

I usually buy Essie nail polish even though it starts chipping after a couple of days – I just like their colors the best.  I wanted to do a red manicure for a recent trip without worrying about touch-ups, though, so I bought this Sally Hansen polish in Scarlet Starlet.  It’s still going strong after six days and would be pretty for the 4th of July.

‘The Voice’ Audition Videos

I mentioned in my last weekend recap that I was dumbstruck by a karaoke performance of “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli.  Well, I searched YouTube videos of that song after work on Monday and came across this girl singing it as her audition for ‘The Voice’ Kids.  And then I watched ‘best of’ audition compilations for another three hours with my nose two inches from my laptop.  So good.

Classic Crest Whitestrips


Continuing with the theme of ‘useful drugstore beauty items,’ I would like to declare my love for Crest Whitestrips.  I buy a set every year or so – just the $20 variety, although the most expensive ones cost about $60 – and they significantly whiten my teeth, erasing any and all stains from the 5 million cups of coffee I’ve had over the past twelve months.  I used them most recently to brighten things up before wearing red lipstick to a wedding and was happy with the results as usual!

A&F vs. HCo Soccer Friendly

hco soccer friendly

This was supposed to go into my ‘Friday Favorites’ post last week, but that never got published.  Whoops.  Anyway, I broke out the ol’ cleats for our first annual A&F vs. Hollister soccer friendly at work and didn’t directly cause any goals for the other team, which I’d call a win.  Team Hollister lost to A&F 3-2, but I had fun and it felt good to play again after a long hiatus.

One Line Coffee

honey latte

If you’re in Columbus, I’d try One Line the next time you want to get some work done at a coffee shop.  They have 1) fast wifi and 2) lots of natural light.  Everything is totally overpriced, of course (if you’re going to put a lid on your latte and start drinking it, do you really need it to have a leaf design on top?), but you’re definitely paying for a good experience here.

Cats That Sleep Under the Covers


I’ll leave you with a cat picture for your Friday afternoon-before-a-long-weekend procrastination.  I’m linking up with Heather and Andrea today.

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