Five Winter Beauty Finds

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It’s Thursday afternoon and we’re seven-tenths of the way to the weekend, guys.  Below are some of my favorite beauty products for the winter months – I made more of an effort this year to adjust my routine to the season this year, and these were the best products I tried.

Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner
I just started hearing about dry conditioner and worried it would have the opposite effect of dry shampoo and make my hair look dirty, but I love this product by Pureology.  It makes me look like I spent time blowing out my hair instead of passing out with it wet and dragging a straightener through it as fast as possible the next morning.  It’s lightweight but still manages to thicken my hair and give it a glossier appearance.

Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Cream
Every time I think about how Kim Kardashian said she started using eye cream in the seventh grade, I experience a twinge of guilt for not doing the same.  But with the myriad aisles of product geared toward reducing wrinkles and none overtly aimed at younger customers, I just sort of skipped it – not the best idea in January and February.  Last week I finally found this Mario Badescu eye cream that’s formulated specifically for preventative care.  It contains ceramides, which keep moisture in and bacteria out, and already, my skin looks and feels healthier and smoother.  I plan to buy another tub when this one runs out.


Bobbin likes it too

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Gentle Foot Peel and Intensive Heel Repair Moisturizing Balm
This tea tree oil peel is a gentle but effective product you can use to exfoliate your feet, knees, elbows, and anywhere else your skin has been over-exposed to the elements.  I like to use it before getting in the shower – you rub it on and literally roll away your dead skin, which is fun and satisfying – and follow with the heel repair cream to lock in moisture when I get out.  It might take two or three uses to see the effects, but these products work.  Plus, they’re reasonably priced at $9 each.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner
Like the dry conditioner I tried, this leave-in conditioner is lightweight enough for daily use but provides enough extra moisture to keep my hair healthy in constant dry air.  It keeps flyaways in check and has a pretty, citrusy scent.  I have no idea what the “Soy Tri-Wheat” aspect is doing for me but will go ahead and assume it’s something great.

Feel free to leave your favorite cold-weather products in the comments!

P.S. Two winter-friendly facial cleansers.

winter beauty

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