february 2017 goals

February 2017 Goals

Well, here we are.  This coming Monday, I officially become a stay-at-home girlfriend and cat mom while I attempt to figure out how to write for a living.  If it sounds like I’ve put forth no real effort to narrow that down and take concrete steps toward making it happen, well.  Here we are anyway.

Today’s post is the first in a new series that you may have zero interest in reading unless you’re trying to make a similar career change.  Actually, even then you may have zero interest.  But as I laid out in this post, I’ve decided to keep myself accountable and focused by thinking of several goals for each month and reporting on my progress.  Here goes…

Talk to People in Jobs I Want

While I’d rather give up cheese than spend time networking, this goal is probably the most worthwhile on my list.  Since I know so little about the industries and jobs I’ll be pursuing, a thirty-minute conversation with someone who’s been there will probably beat hours and hours of (potentially misguided) research.  Besides, who doesn’t love talking about themselves?  Obviously not me, since I continue to write about my life on the Internet despite making no money off this blog.  I’ll just remind myself of that every time I start a LinkedIn stalking sesh.

2017 planner and calendar cards

Use UpWork Daily

A couple weeks ago I joined UpWork, a freelancing platform where writers and other professionals, like web developers and graphic designers, can connect with businesses.  Since I’ve spent a total of fifteen minutes on the site since then, I’m looking to learn how it works and start to understand whether freelance writing is a viable option for me.

Submit a Modern Love Essay

In addition to trying out UpWork, I plan to pitch ideas or finished articles to contributor blogs like Thought Catalog, newspapers, and writing contests.  Obviously I’m not holding my breath for The New York Times, but I listen to the Modern Love podcast every Wednesday and recently had an idea for Modern Love essay of my own.

Collaborate With Another Blogger

While I’d love to work on the blog all day and could list dozens of ways to improve it, I don’t see Blunders and Absurdities bringing in enough money in the near future to justify focusing on it all the time.  So I have just one goal related to blog growth for February: collaborate with another blogger by swapping Instagram posts, blog posts, or possibly trying one of these ideas!  Send me a message at blundersandabsurdities@gmail.com if you’re interested. 😉

desk with calendars

Wear Rose-Colored Glasses

I don’t mean this in the sense that I’ll adopt an overly optimistic view, just that I won’t give up before I’ve started.  It’s tempting to build a hard shell of circumstances to blame (not being in New York City, not having relevant work on my resume) instead of accepting that I may now fail at something I truly care about, but focusing on the opportunities will make me happier and more productive.  Also, bitterness is not really a cute personality trait.

2017 planner and notebook

  • Do you ever make a point of setting goals?
  • Have you ever made a career pivot (this is a thinly veiled request for all of your knowledge)?

5 thoughts on “February 2017 Goals

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  2. Guy Harvey

    I highly recommend The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte, great book about creating goals matched with your core desired feelings. Also a great example of blogging!

  3. Emily

    Hey! Just wanted to comment because I’m also looking to end a 9-5 career at some point in the next year or so and jump to something creative. Just so you know you’ve got a tribe out there! Though you’re further along than me. 🙂

    1. Nicole Miller Post author

      That’s so nice to hear 🙂 I definitely feel like I made the right decision, even if things are a bit stressful right now. I checked out your photos and they’re beautiful!!


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