Drugstore Makeup Favorites Part 2

Hi!  I hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday.  We’ve been enjoying lots of humidity here, so my hair has looked great.

Today’s post is the second in a series on my favorite budget beauty picks (click the link to read part 1).  I meant to finish this installment, which focuses on eye makeup, a little bit sooner, but I ended up testing a few losers and also forgetting what products I had already planned to include.  I took out my makeup bag to take photos on Sunday and found five things I’d recently bought but had yet to try.  Probably losing it.  Here we go…drugstore eye makeup 1

e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black | $3
This takes a little bit of time to apply because it doesn’t come in a pen form (you have to use a brush), but overall it’s a great value for a product that costs basically the same amount as a pack of gum. Very black, doesn’t melt off, etc, etc. 🙂

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadow in Blushing Nudes | $5
The shadows in this palette lasted all day and through an evening workout. Pink eyeshadow can sometimes emphasize redness in my eyes, but these didn’t – I think the key is to go matte rather than shimmery to look calm and awake instead of like a Halloween creature.

Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Eyeliner in Purple Amethyst | $8
I bought this product for the first time in high school because Almay had just come out with their Intense i-Color collection of eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascaras made specifically for each eye color, and I didn’t yet know what went best with brown eyes.  The packaging looks identical to the way it did ten years ago, which I feel like is a sign the company has decided not to mess with a good thing.  The liquid eyeliner in particular is hard to goof up and the shade is rich but subtle.


Loreal Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Violet Beaute | $5
This looks basically the same as the Almay eyeliner above but in a shadow form. If I feel like changing things up from my normal brown or black, I usually reach for one of these two.

Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara | $8
This mascara is a longtime favorite of mine.  I prefer a wetter mascara because if the formula dries into even the tiniest clumps on my eyelashes, I will pick at them all day long.  This guy fits the bill without smudging and while adding plenty of volume.

Maybelle Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil in Polished Amethyst, $7
You know how sometimes you have to trace back and forth a few times right after opening a new eyeliner to get it to start working? This drew a clean, bright line the first time I pressed down. I realize this is the third purple eyeliner on my list, but as they always say, you can never have too many purple eyeliners.


e.l.f. Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow in Cruisin Chic | $3
You can dip a brush in water and apply this as an eyeliner or use it dry as a shadow. Either way, it goes with literally everything and blends easily. I like to line my upper and lower lashes and connect the lines for an easy cat eye.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Tenacious Teal | $7
I don’t normally wear blue eyeshadow, but I have so many neutral colors and thought just a touch of this along the lash line would look cool with a 70’s-inspired outfit (my inner eighth grader is absolutely thrilled that flare jeans are back). This works best if you apply it with a wet eyeliner brush. It’s highly pigmented and sparkles all day but comes right off with a gentle cleanse at night.


Have a wonderful night! xoxo

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