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Life Lately: February 2017

Hello, hello!  How has everyone been?  My blogging hiatus, for the four of you that may have noticed, was borne of a need to focus my limited daily attention span on figuring out my next steps.  Speaking of which, I may or may not not publish another update on my career goals – I’ve tried a couple times to continue the series I started in January, but I wouldn’t want a potential employer to read it and think I’m only interested in certain opportunities.  And I also sometimes feel like I’ve already compromised too much.

corkscrew swamp sanctuary

But anyway, one thing I can do is catch you up on some of my favorite Florida experiences!  Follow the jump for a few pictures.
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Odds & Ends

Good morning!  How are you today?  All is well over here, as my existential dread typically doesn’t set in until 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon when my focus and productivity start to wane.

Today I’m sharing information about a few products that didn’t quite merit a post on their own, but that I thought you might find useful (or not so useful, in one case) nonetheless.  Two relate to skincare and one is a delicious yet low-calorie Starbucks ‘hack,’ as the cool kids say.  Have a great weekend!

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kayaking naples florida

Life Lately: January 2017

Hey, friends.  How are you?  I flew back to Florida to stay last Wednesday after my last work trip and surprisingly don’t feel so much like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I feel like something is missing from my very core.  I guess I thought confidence in my decision to leave A&F would mean an absence of sadness over what I left behind, but that hasn’t been the case.

Anyway, enough weirdness.  In this post, I outlined my plan to share my progress toward (new) career goals as well as personal photos from vacations, the rare social engagement, and so on in one monthly post.  However, trying to combine two posts into one proved awkward, so ya got February 2017 Goals on Wednesday and Life Lately: January 2017 today.  I will now get on with it:

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february 2017 goals

February 2017 Goals

Well, here we are.  This coming Monday, I officially become a stay-at-home girlfriend and cat mom while I attempt to figure out how to write for a living.  If it sounds like I’ve put forth no real effort to narrow that down and take concrete steps toward making it happen, well.  Here we are anyway.

Today’s post is the first in a new series that you may have zero interest in reading unless you’re trying to make a similar career change.  Actually, even then you may have zero interest.  But as I laid out in this post, I’ve decided to keep myself accountable and focused by thinking of several goals for each month and reporting on my progress.  Here goes…

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Life Lately: Holiday Recap & 2017 Blog Plans

Good morning and happy New Year!  Are you making the most of 2017 so far? 😉  For the first couple of months I’m planning to focus on mapping out my career, as well as this blog, even though I’ve generally lacked the focus and drive to make new year’s resolutions in the past.  Quitting my job without a plan was a great first step, right?

Let’s continue to put that off, though.  Follow the jump for a few photos from the holidays…

suttons bay rental house

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Thoughts on the Election


…Well, that was quite the week, huh?  If you would have told me when the presidential campaigns began 7 million years ago that come election night, despite a terrible day at work, I’d be rushing through cold rain in the early dark to make sure I cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, I would have laughed.

Like many of my friends, I muddled through the back half of the week in a state of bewildered disappointment.  Not necessarily because Hillary lost – I find her plenty objectionable but thought she had less potential to generate various unmitigated disasters – but because the reality that we’d chosen these candidates from a population of 320 million and now one of them will, in fact, be President sunk in.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around it – most people I know are smarter, more thoughtful and more decent than the two of them.  Of course, Clinton and Trump didn’t get here on their own, but none of their primary opponents seemed terribly strong, either.

Maybe the solution is for more decent people to get involved.  One my Facebook friends wrote a post that resonated with me, even our views don’t match up exactly.  I won’t paste it here verbatim, but he said that ‘if [he] truly believed this election was our country’s most important work,’ he should have done more.  That he accepts the result and respects the office of the President, but that today begins his fight for the America he dreams we’ll become.  And finally, he’s encouraged by the idea that the impact he and his friends can effect is significant and largely untapped.

gulf shore boulevard

I actually didn’t intend to devote a whole post to the election, but my focus is waning, as it does after short periods of time.  Check back in later this week (let’s be honest, I don’t know what day) for the update I originally planned to write.  It involves a move to the area pictured in the photos above and some tips on how NOT to go about taking a cat on a 17-hour drive!


Weekend Recap – ANF Challenge

Well…seems I’ve fallen little short of my two-posts-per-week goal lately.  Apologies (and thank you) to the 5-7 people who read the blog regularly – I do enjoy going on about myself in this little corner of the Internet, but it’s been an unexpectedly crazy few weeks at work.  I spent a good chunk of that time not knowing whether I was on the verge of tears or maniacal laughter, but have since realized with help from my wise mother that not allowing work to control 95% of my thoughts (the other 5% going to food, obviously) will result in better mental health.

So, to focus on other things, here are a few photos from this weekend… (how’s that for a smooth segue?)

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Weekend Recap

Good morning and welcome to the new-and-improved-but-not-yet-looking-like-it blog!  I’ve been making some behind-the-scenes updates that will give me more flexibility and control over the site in the long run, but it’s been more of a process than I anticipated.  I promise I’ll be finished and also back to posting content other than quick weekend recaps soon.  But first…

hocking hills state park old mans cave

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