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how to run on the beach

How to Run on the Beach

Next time you’re on vacation, start your day refreshed (and maybe sweat out last night’s alcohol) using these tips for a productive run on the beach!

I’ve historically taken a while time to get it together after a move.  In college I’d bring a few things from my parents’ house each time I visited instead of moving into my dorm all at once.  I waited too long after moving to Ohio to switch my driver’s license and ended up having to take the same road test given to 16-year-olds.  And most recently, I came to a new state in the middle of the holidays, when you can’t turn around at work without seeing a different table laid out with homemade treats.

Think I joined a gym right away?

Nah, I ate frozen potpies and cheezits and overslept.  But I had moved to Florida, and while I function okay on a junk food diet, I go batshit crazy without semi-regular exercise.  So I started running on the beach.

Running on the beach is a great way to confuse your muscles (assuming you don’t do it regularly) while soaking up the sun and scenery on a warm-weather trip.  Read on for some tips to help you get the most out of your workout!

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reading list stack of books

2017 Reading List

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Adam and I went kayaking on Saturday and had lunch with his mom yesterday (she came down for a few days to visit Adam’s grandma in Venice), which is a lot of activity for us in one weekend.  This afternoon I leave for my second-to-last work trip to Columbus, and I’m starting to get depressed not knowing when I’ll have a piping hot Papa John’s personal pizza from the Charlotte airport again.

Anywho, we are gathered here today to discuss a few books I hope we can both enjoy in the coming months.  I’ve had a hard time getting into anything lately, so I really took my time rounding up these titles based on recommendations from family members and ‘best of 2016’ lists.  The final list includes a crime novel, an examination of the American civil rights movement and its aftermath, and a story about a girl who joins an infamous cult, among others.  I hope you find something that piques your interest!

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Tips for Frequent Travel Pin

Tips for Frequent Travel

Whether you’re always on the go or just preparing for a Spring Break trip, I hope these tips for frequent travel help make the experience smooth and comfortable!

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Today, let’s get the statement that will make me sound like a complete asshole out of the way first: my employer has been flying me between Columbus and Fort Myers every week since the beginning of November (this post explains why), and traveling all the time can be draining.  Self-important sentence said, a few key habits and products I’ve picked up along the way have helped me to maintain my health and sanity.  Follow the jump for a list of tips for frequent travel.

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Life Lately: Holiday Recap & 2017 Blog Plans

Good morning and happy New Year!  Are you making the most of 2017 so far? 😉  For the first couple of months I’m planning to focus on mapping out my career, as well as this blog, even though I’ve generally lacked the focus and drive to make new year’s resolutions in the past.  Quitting my job without a plan was a great first step, right?

Let’s continue to put that off, though.  Follow the jump for a few photos from the holidays…

suttons bay rental house

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columbus oh city guide

Columbus, Ohio City Guide

Whether you’re new to Columbus or just happen to be visiting, I hope this lineup of my favorite places to eat, exercise, and play helps you make the most of your time in the city!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by the blog today!  Did you have a nice Christmas? Adam and I spent Christmas Eve with his grandma in Venice, Florida, then I flew home to Michigan yesterday morning.  I’m here for the rest of the week and looking forward to the extended break from work (assuming I can keep from obsessively checking emails) and heading to Traverse City with family friends for the New Year.

By the time I return to the office, I’ll have just three work trips to Columbus remaining.  I would say it hasn’t sunk in yet, but I’ve put in my notice, prepared to leave, and then been asked to stay on longer twice now, so.  In any case, I developed a fondness for this city with its tree-lined cobblestone streets and airport where you magically never have to wait in line.  So for today’s post, I’ve gathered a collection of great spots for eating, drinking, and recreation in Columbus.

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Winter 2016 Workout Playlist

nyc santacon

Good evening, everyone!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  My college friends and I visited New York City for the annual Santacon bar crawl, which took place on Saturday.  It was hard not to get into the Christmas spirit what with the day drinking and people dressed in fun holiday outfits everywhere you turned – I’d love to visit over this weekend again sometime.  I’ve included a few more pictures below, but on to today’s post…

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Thoughts on the Election


…Well, that was quite the week, huh?  If you would have told me when the presidential campaigns began 7 million years ago that come election night, despite a terrible day at work, I’d be rushing through cold rain in the early dark to make sure I cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, I would have laughed.

Like many of my friends, I muddled through the back half of the week in a state of bewildered disappointment.  Not necessarily because Hillary lost – I find her plenty objectionable but thought she had less potential to generate various unmitigated disasters – but because the reality that we’d chosen these candidates from a population of 320 million and now one of them will, in fact, be President sunk in.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around it – most people I know are smarter, more thoughtful and more decent than the two of them.  Of course, Clinton and Trump didn’t get here on their own, but none of their primary opponents seemed terribly strong, either.

Maybe the solution is for more decent people to get involved.  One my Facebook friends wrote a post that resonated with me, even our views don’t match up exactly.  I won’t paste it here verbatim, but he said that ‘if [he] truly believed this election was our country’s most important work,’ he should have done more.  That he accepts the result and respects the office of the President, but that today begins his fight for the America he dreams we’ll become.  And finally, he’s encouraged by the idea that the impact he and his friends can effect is significant and largely untapped.

gulf shore boulevard

I actually didn’t intend to devote a whole post to the election, but my focus is waning, as it does after short periods of time.  Check back in later this week (let’s be honest, I don’t know what day) for the update I originally planned to write.  It involves a move to the area pictured in the photos above and some tips on how NOT to go about taking a cat on a 17-hour drive!


Tips for Saving Money at Whole Foods

I moved to Washington, DC for an internship the summer after my junior year in college.  Aside from coming to the realization that trying to earn actual money for a company would cause me a great deal of anxiety, I had the best time.  I stayed in a dorm at George Washington University with students from around the country, went for breathtaking runs among the monuments (literally breathtaking, because the humidity did not waver from 98% the entire 12 weeks), and explored the city on the Metro.

I had two grocery shopping options within walking distance – a Trader Joe’s .6 miles away and a Whole Foods right down the street.  One 95-degree day in June, I strolled to the TJ’s in a pale blue rayon top.  Said top was three shades darker when I slinked back into the air-conditioned building an hour later with my heavy bags, trying to avoid acquaintances/slipping in a pool of my own sweat.  Having at least some shame, I bought my groceries at Whole Foods for the remainder of the summer, despite the fact that my family calls the store Whole Paycheck and always shopped more economically when I lived at home.

While I did find it more expensive, I discovered a few tricks for shopping at Whole Foods without breaking the bank and wanted to share them today.

save money at whole foods pin

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