A Welcome Reminder

There’s a yoga instructor at one of the Lifetime Fitness locations in Columbus whose class I’ll drive twenty minutes out of my way to attend.  She challenges you enough that you’re forced to stay in the moment, but the flows also make so much sense that you feel like a dancer (although I’d hazard a guess that’s not how I actually look).  I always feel ten times better afterward.

Anyway, this instructor said something last week during our warm-up that stuck with me.  It was just in passing; one sentence of the three- or four-minute meditation we were guided through to start the class.  But I’ve kept coming back to this phrase, using it.  She said, “Let go of whatever it is you think you need to hang on to.”

It wasn’t “Let go of the things that are bothering you” or “Let go of anything that didn’t work out today.”  It was, “there is no reason for those things to bother you” and “you have another chance tomorrow, so forget today.”  Deciding you need to be ashamed or embarrassed about anything will only make you miserable.  It seems obvious now that I type the words, but at the time it came as a welcome reminder.  I hope it helps you, too.  Good night! 🙂

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