Thoughts on the Election


…Well, that was quite the week, huh?  If you would have told me when the presidential campaigns began 7 million years ago that come election night, despite a terrible day at work, I’d be rushing through cold rain in the early dark to make sure I cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, I would have laughed.

Like many of my friends, I muddled through the back half of the week in a state of bewildered disappointment.  Not necessarily because Hillary lost – I find her plenty objectionable but thought she had less potential to generate various unmitigated disasters – but because the reality that we’d chosen these candidates from a population of 320 million and now one of them will, in fact, be President sunk in.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around it – most people I know are smarter, more thoughtful and more decent than the two of them.  Of course, Clinton and Trump didn’t get here on their own, but none of their primary opponents seemed terribly strong, either.

Maybe the solution is for more decent people to get involved.  One my Facebook friends wrote a post that resonated with me, even our views don’t match up exactly.  I won’t paste it here verbatim, but he said that ‘if [he] truly believed this election was our country’s most important work,’ he should have done more.  That he accepts the result and respects the office of the President, but that today begins his fight for the America he dreams we’ll become.  And finally, he’s encouraged by the idea that the impact he and his friends can effect is significant and largely untapped.

gulf shore boulevard

I actually didn’t intend to devote a whole post to the election, but my focus is waning, as it does after short periods of time.  Check back in later this week (let’s be honest, I don’t know what day) for the update I originally planned to write.  It involves a move to the area pictured in the photos above and some tips on how NOT to go about taking a cat on a 17-hour drive!


Tips for Saving Money at Whole Foods

I moved to Washington, DC for an internship the summer after my junior year in college.  Aside from coming to the realization that trying to earn money for a company would cause me a great deal more anxiety than trying to earn good grades, I had the best time.  I stayed in a dorm at George Washington University with students from all around the country, went for breathtaking runs among the monuments (literally breathtaking, because the humidity remained firmly at 99%), and explored the city on the Metro.

I had two grocery shopping options within walking distance (no one in the dorms brought a car) – a Trader Joe’s a half mile away and a Whole Foods right down the street.  One 95-degree day in June, I strolled to the TJ’s in a pale blue rayon top.  This top was three shades darker when I slinked back into the air-conditioned building an hour later with my heavy bags, trying to avoid acquaintances/slipping in a pool of my own sweat.  Having at least some shame, I bought my groceries at Whole Foods for the remainder of the summer, despite the fact that my mom always called the store Whole Paycheck and always shopped more economically when I lived at home.  While I did find it more expensive, I discovered a few tricks for shopping at Whole Foods without breaking the bank that summer…

whole foods entrance

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Weekend Recap (Balance + ANF Challenge)

Well, seems I’ve a little short of my two-posts-per-week goal here lately!  Apologies (and thank yous) to the 5-7 people who read the blog regularly – I do enjoy going on about myself in this little corner of the Internet, but it’s been an unexpectedly crazy few weeks at work.  I spent a good chunk of that time not knowing whether I was on the verge of tears or maniacal laughter, but have since realized with help from both Adam and my wise mother that not allowing work to control 95% of my thoughts (the other 5% going to food, obviously) would be good for my mental health.

So, to focus on other things, here are a few photos from this weekend… (how’s that for a smooth segue?)

anf challenge new albany

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Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Reverse System

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  I didn’t get up to much – it rained buckets here, which was the excuse I needed to spend my Saturday and Sunday reading and watching the Olympics.  Hopefully the recent humidity will break as the rain stops – I got out of my car at work on Thursday to the air pressing in on me and a million cicadas buzzing in the tall trees that surround our campus, and it sort of felt like the apocalypse was coming.  Or maybe I just wished it was so that I wouldn’t have to work.

Anyway, today I’m sharing a quick review of the Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Reverse System shampoo and conditioner.  The goal of reverse washing, or using conditioner on your hair before shampoo, is to increase volume while still keeping strands healthy and smooth.  There are other, more expensive systems on the market, but Tresemme’s is the only drugstore version I know of.

tresemme beauty full volume reverse system

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Weekend Recap

Good morning and welcome to the new-and-improved-but-not-yet-looking-like-it blog!  I’ve been making some behind-the-scenes updates that will give me more flexibility and control over the site in the long run, but it’s been more of a process than I anticipated.  I promise I’ll be finished and also back to posting content other than quick weekend recaps soon.  But first…

hocking hills state park old mans cave

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Weekend Recap

Hi and happy Tuesday!  I didn’t end up writing this post on Sunday because I returned from Michigan too late (thanks to the ever-present construction on I-75 >:|), but had a chance to type it up last night…

favorite view

A photo posted by Nicole Miller (@nicolemiller5) on

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Sea Salt Sprays + A Hair Trick

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone’s surviving the heat.  They keep it nice and frigid in our office, so there’s approximately a fifty-degree temperature difference between my desk and the other side of the door I set ten yards from.

Anyway, boring complaint over.  Do you guys use sea salt sprays in the summer?  I try to straighten my hair less often in this kind of humidity, and recently I’ve replaced some of the gels I previously used to wear my hair curly with these sprays.

sea salt spray 2

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